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September 1st 2006
Published: September 1st 2006
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TravelBlog says I can put videos on here but I don't know how yet. So I'll post a link if anyone wants to see them.
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I know I need to put a blog or two about Dalian and my horrible living conditions, but, I don't like confirming that I'm a tourist around here. Also, I don't like posting blogs without pictures and my computer doesn't read my memory card. So, I usually take the memory card over to Jeremiah's computer and he transfers them to my thumb drive. But a really funny thing happened this morning. Not to me, but to a couple of my friends here. Warning: This is really funny.

We had to "show our faces" at the freshman orientation thing this morning at 9 am so I had Jonathon "Kaffy" call me to wake me up. (I don't have an alarm clock) So he calls me about 7:30 am. As I am still lying in bed, waking up, he calls back and asks if he could come over and use my Skype (Internet phone) to call home. I thought this was strange because he has Skype on his computer, but, I just agreed and didn't ask questions.

He comes over about 10 minutes later, looking a little more distraught than usual. He explains that he woke up to find his kitchen window (on the second floor) was open. He went to his computer bag, where his computer "must have been", and found that it definitely was not there. A quick check and he found that not only was his computer missing, but also his video camera and his wallet. Pacing around in disbelief, he finally decided to wake Jeremiah who had just stumbled in at 6 am from a long night out. Jeremiah finds that his labtop was also missing.

Is this story getting funny yet? It isn't really. I'm just playing with your emotions.

So somewhere in between the time that Kaffy went to bed and Jeremiah got home, a stranger, possibly an acrobatic ninja, entered their apartment through an unlocked second-story window. (They used the window to dry their clothes and the lock was too difficult to put back on. They didn't think it was anything to worry about.) What is even scarier, as Kaffy told me, is that he woke up for no reason, reached over to a desk by his bed, and blew his nose. There could of been someone in the room at that moment. Someone even dared to comment that if he had woken up and become aware of the burglary, he could have been knifed.

So I know my mom is going to read this and freak out. So for her, I'll say that I am on the ground floor BUT I have bars on my windows AND Kaffy and Jeremiah's apartment was more off-campus than mine. This has been the scariest thing that has happened so far, though. It has to be the worst thing that could happen at LNU.

Coming very soon: Pictures of my apartment and neighborhood.


1st September 2006

The Josh Markum comment title.
This story reminds me of the song "Smooth Criminal" lyrics "As He Came Into The Window It Was The Sound Of A Crescendo " the crescendo doesnt fit but most likely people dont know the meaning of the word.
1st September 2006

Oh my God Tracey, be careful there. Ninjas are a scary part of Commy China.

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