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Asia » China » Dongbei » Dalian May 21st 2015

Today was our second day of class. We only had one class today, which was Chinese Business. The class was very insightful. There are several aspects to Chinese business that I didn’t really think about before, but I don’t have time to go into much detail at the moment. The class was pretty interesting, many students had questions throughout the lecture. After class we took a trip to visit the Dalian Software Park. It had many companies on premises, including several big name companies. I was surprised just how many different companies were housed within the Dalian Software Park. I only expected the park to be 2-3 buildings, but it was way more than that. The buildings spanned quite a bit of land as well. The park really took me by surprise, and I would like ... read more

Asia » China » Dongbei » Dalian May 20th 2015

Today was our first day of class. First we had language class, which was interesting. The Chinese teacher thought that we know a LOT more Chinese than we did. We had to tell him that most of the class had literally no experience with Chinese so far. Only two students in the class are semi-fluent in Chinese, and I have taken Chinese for one semester 3 years ago. The teacher seemed somewhat frustrated that we didn’t know any Chinese, even though he had been told several times by our faculty advisor. After language class, we had culture class. Nothing really stood out to me in this lecture, mostly because Chinese class was a little exhausting. The rest of the day was free time and I went out with Dajung to see if we could find some ... read more

Asia » China » Dongbei » Dalian May 19th 2015

Today was our first full day in Dalian. We met with a faculty member from DUFE that would be assisting us during our stay. She took us to an area to meet up with 2 students from English Club to tour us around campus. The campus was a lot larger than I expected, but some of the buildings were older than I expected them to be. Overall though, the campus was very beautiful. The campus even had a garden area with a pond and small waterfall. There were many trees throughout campus, for some reason I did not expect there to be many trees there. After the campus tour, we went to the International Canteen for a welcome lunch. We were given many different dishes to try, but some were not as good as the others. ... read more

Asia » China » Dongbei » Dalian March 27th 2013

When I booked this cruise, I hadn’t heard of the city of Dalian. Now I’m here and I find that it is the fourth largest city in China with a population of about 7.8 million and operating at a much easier pace than Shanghai and Beijing. Dalian is an ice free port in the north of China that was occupied by both Japan and Russia during the early 20th century and architectural influences of both occupiers remain. Dalian is on the Yellow sea and has nice looking beach areas even though it is so far north. Interesting neighborhoods are apparent and make this look like a very livable large city. One of the highlights of the tour I was on was a visit to an elementary school with exceptionally talented students. The ages were from five ... read more

Asia » China » Dongbei » Dalian November 21st 2011

I realize this is a late posting... my apologies.. A group of teachers at my school have been practicing volleyball 2 days a week since the beginning of school in preparation for a tournament in Beijing. This past weekend was that tournament (November 19th and 20th). The weekend had many high points and a few very low points. On Friday night we all went for dinner at a Spanish restaurant called Tapas in downtown Dalian. The food there is delicious and the atmosphere is great! We even had a cello player playing in the background! This was a ‘high’ point. Our time at the Dalian airport was a low point. The Dongbei (east north) winds were acting up which prevented the plane we were supposed to take to Beijing from landing in Dalian. Instead, it turned ... read more

Asia » China » Dongbei » Dalian November 12th 2011

Heading into the month of November, we are thinking of snow, wind, long underwear and heavy coats. Oh for the bliss of first year when we didn’t know what faced us in winter! But, compared to current temperatures of places that the people we love, we are in a heat wave in the low teens. Blizzards in the Maritimes, frigid temperatures in Peace River and skiing in Whistler makes us grateful for the prolonged fall that we seem to be having. On top of that, there is actually heat in the apartments! Heat is a relative thing though; with no control over thermostats, we take what they give us and have our own heaters going most of the day and night. Geoff’s place on the girl's campus seems to be nice and toasty without heaters still. ... read more
Tai Yuan Kui Guesthouse
China Cowboy

Asia » China » Dongbei » Dalian November 6th 2011

I spent a Sunday afternoon with a new friend of mine exploring the surrounding areas near our apartment complexes. We started the chilly autumn day going up UFO hill. UFO hill is a park very close to my apartment complex. It is almost exactly as it sounds: a big hill with a UFO on top of it! The locals call it a mountain, which is a bit overkill in my opinion. The park is actually quite large and full of tons of green space. There are trails intertwining throughout the area which look very fun to spend some time on. However, the focus of our day was to make it to the UFO! On our way to the UFO we were treated to some great views of the city, the ocean and another hill ... read more
Checking out the view with some locals
Classic China
View of KFQ

Asia » China » Dongbei » Dalian April 30th 2011

The plan was to start the day at 5am and get moving for the Dalian City Marathon. everyone except Uncle Leslie was off to run a Mini-Marathon 3 miles. They volunteered to lead legally blind people who wanted to walk/run a marathon but needed help. The plan was to leave the house at 6am but time passed on and on and on so we ended up leaving at 6:40. The traffic was heavy so we finally made it to the start line with the 30 other volunteers at 8:00 am which was the start time of the race. The Intel group were nice enough to wait on us so we could still run and find the right location. God worked it out but the next day being late caught up with us. So at the start ... read more
Photo 13
Photo 14
Photo 15

Asia » China » Dongbei » Dalian February 5th 2011

Today is my last full day in Dalian. Tomorrow I will fly back to Shanghai in the evening. I have had a good time here with Shengjie’s family. Communication was a little difficult at times but I understood how to communicate the essentials such as sleep, eat and bathroom. The family was very welcoming and made sure to keep me full. I have not been hungry since I arrived. On the second of February we stayed up until 1:00am to bring in the lunar calendar New Year. There were fireworks going off all over the city for this is the biggest legal holiday celebrated in China. On Friday we went to see Dalian’s fireworks show which was very impressive. The Chinese know how to organize a show. Shengjie’s mom and I took a photo with a ... read more
New Years Fireworks

Asia » China » Dongbei » Dalian July 1st 2007

Ok. So since Cam and I are engaged to get married I've decided to drop the idea of not talking about him on this blog. It's impossible. I live with the man, almost every cultural issue I have is with the man or his friends, he's my life. If you don't want me to talk about my life then I can not talk about him, otherwise it's not going to work. Anyways, a lot's been going on over here recently. Today is the 10th anniversary of China getting Hong Kong back from England so last night at midnight we watched the changing of the flags with the English national anthem playing as the English and Hong Kong flag went down together and the Chinese national anthem playing as they went up. A bunch of people talked ... read more

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