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August 30th 2012
Published: September 4th 2012
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Two months of travelling... what does that mean to us?

Well personally, as I have already shared with a few close friends, I recently felt this "calm" come over me. Back home, I micromanaged most of my life (and others) and small details were very important. This month I was much more patient. I have been able to accept when things don't go exactly as planned and it's decreased the amount of stress in my life a lot! When travelling in a foreign country it's really important (for me anyway) to not sweat the small stuff. With the small stuff set aside, I've had much more time to stop and smell the roses and truly enjoy every moment. I don't want to miss a single thing on this journey and I remind myself of that every breathe I take.

Also new to Ty+Becs this month was Tyler's beard... yes, Tyler grew a beard... and it actually didn't look all that bad!! (Turns out the Ogilvie men carry facial hair well :D) Perhaps I got used to it as the brownish-blondish-redish hair took over his face, but I thought it suited him. When he shaved he was right back to the baby-faced Tyler we all know and love. No need to fret though! I wouldn't be surprised if Tyler's beard makes another appearance before this trip is done. And if it doesn't, I have picture evidence! Right now, my biggest worry is "Movember"... the beard was one thing. But a mustache is a whoooole other story (he decided to keep it for one day after shaving the beard, it wasn't good).

In August I also accepted the fact that no one cares if you wear the same shirt two (or three) days in a row. I'm backpacking, laundry is costly, time to start making my clothes last longer!

In keeping with the "I'm backpacking now!" state of mind, I stopped wearing mascara! Yepp, the only make up I have worn on a daily basis since I can remember. No more of that nonsense! To be honest, it was becoming a hassle. We have been doing so much swimming, I didn't want to worry about it running, and then when I would wear the waterproof stuff it would get clumpy because I forgot to bring eye make-up remover and yada yada, the mascara has been cut! Do I feel different? No. Do I feel free? No. Do I feel naked? YES! I don't think I'll be able to to ever look in a mirror and not think "something is missing..." but who knows, maybe that will be a topic for the "3 month" milestone blog.

All joking aside, I want to take a second to share some personal stuff. Tyler and I are getting closer every day, but sometimes I miss him. Emotionally, we are so connected and have an amazing relationship. The reason I say that I miss him is because Indonesia was so muslim that we couldn't always hold hands or show affection for one another. A few loving glances was the best we would get wandering around the cities. We spend pretty much every waking second together but we are so busy! Riding around islands on motorcycles, sitting on our porch reading side by side and chilling out with locals is amazing but sometimes I just want to snuggle up on the couch with popcorn and watch a movie. Snuggle time is limited these days and now that we will be sleeping in dorms most of the time who the heck is supposed to keep me warm? Anyway, that's another part of travelling that I'm getting used to. I can wait for the snuggles... I've got the rest of my life for popcorn and movies right?

Well, I have obviously gone on long enough and all of our wonderful readers are well aware of the many beaches we visited, the wonderful sites we have seen, the cute animals we befriended and of course the many many people we have met that without even knowing it have enriched our lives.

Now, don't you have some work you should be doing? First day of school today in Ontario... go get 'em kids!

xoxo Becs


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