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May 21st 2012
Published: May 21st 2012
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How many times you can go to the Great Wall in your life? Is it fair that it rained?

I have a great time. Amazing experience shooting for my video school project on my white elementary school uniform around local chinese people trying to sell me things thinking I was a doctor.

The rains arrived and I walk around my blue umbrella. Hiking there could be challenging, specially the areas with really old steps.

I took an organized trip to get to this far away park, 3 hours from Beijing, the lunch meal was included but it was the worst thing I eat so far.

At 5 pm I was again in my hostel. After the rain I feel chili and getting a cold, not again!!!

So I search for a vegetarian restaurant recommended in many guides, not far from my place. After a long corridor of amazing restaurant where you can see chinesse people eating un-named food, I arrived to a tiny hided hutong. It was exactly in the place a french accunturist student told me in the road two blocks before when I got lost.

It is the best restaurant EVER, I wish I can open a restaurant like this in US, or Mexico someday...is a mix of Yo San medicine treatment in a food format. Every dish it has a secret formulas to make you feel weel. And everythings is with herbs, roots, and fake meats...full of fresh vegetables...I love this place. A great concept. it is sourrand books of tradicional medicine and refined style. Is Vegetarian fancy.. tasty and healthy...I have never seen a restaurant like this anywhere. I want one at home!!! I would come back here to study herbal medicine food/recipies for sure someday in this time life. Maybe I can invite you to a private meal like the one I had yestarday at home.

It was expensive. yes😞 because I ordered wrong, my foul. I ask for to many dishes.

It costed me 20u$. But you can eat there for half of this price, and it really worth it. It´s name is Baihe Courtyard. Nobody speaks English but there are many foreings and menus in English.

Today, to Summer Palace!


21st May 2012

Great Wall, Great Learning!
Gracias por compartir, qué emoción, suena increible ese lugar donde comiste. Que disfrutes mucho el dia de hoy, aqui en DF ya es noche....beso!
22nd May 2012

Increible este restaurante!!!
Tenemos que tener uno en Mex o en USA...o por lo pronto a aprender a cocinar asi!

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