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October 26th 2009
Published: October 26th 2009
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Hey guys........well we have only been here a few days but we have already done so much not got time to say it all. we got here fine but spent a whole day sleeping met the group that night had an amazing mix of chinese food. We went to the great wall the next day, it was quite misty and the leaves are just changing so a mixture of golds and browns and yellows so made it relly magical. It was hard work but got to the highest point. We cant believe we have finally done it relly was memorable especially the sub way at the bottom and I dont mean an underground I mean the food but we managed to resist. Been trying not to eat too much so living off noodles where we can.
Bejing isnt as we expected....not many bikes and really developed loads of modern skyscrapers and shops.
Today we went to tieneman square sorry about the spelling and the forbiden temple and temple of heaven and the bird nest. We wnet to the top of the bird nest and watched the light show really amazing even though I didnt see the olypics.
We arr both having a great tome and the group are great having such a laugh went to a bar last night that had a pole dancer however the first one was a man you should have seen lees face we also met michael jackson woop woop.
mum thankyou so much for the letter we read it at the airport and it both made us cry thankyou we love you and it ment a lot to us both.
well I am currently on a guys laptop in the hotel lobby so will write again soon we are off on an overnight train tomorrow to shanghai so will write soon
love you all and miss you all
love Katy oh and lee

ps not proof reading so sorry about the spelling and typos

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27th October 2009

hello Lee and Katy. it sounds like you are having a really good time! missing you so much already. hope your getting lots of photos to show us! i bet Lee loved the great wall of China didn't he?! :):) hope to get a reply soon. have a amazing time. love you both lotss, and lotss. xxxxx
27th October 2009

Lovely to read your blog. Sounds like you are having a good time, we watched the Olympics and would have liked to see the birds nest stadium. The choir from your wedding were on radio 2 on Sunday morning on Aled Jones show, they were really good. Take care, enjoy every moment. Lots of love dad and Babs x
15th November 2009

nice to hear from you both.... sounds like you are having a lovely time really envy you.. love reading the blogs and like to look at the pictures feels like your still here... 118 i love my mummy can see you..do you need a first aid kit ha ha ha...... percy montys old friend from france was staying in chichester for the week so we had a couple of nights out on the town drinking( would you believe the old man was id.) ha ha speak to you soon love mum and dad.. xx from the ginger angry kid.
15th November 2009

funds for a new lorry....
we see your old lorry today still in the same condition as you sold it.... immaculate. trying to tuck dad up still for the new van but you know him doesnt miss a trick.if you would like to speak to lilly let mum know and i will make sure that she is in as you know she has a really busy social life drinking milk at partys... dont worry she does still remember youxx

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