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February 11th 2007
Published: February 16th 2007
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Cambodian DancersCambodian DancersCambodian Dancers

Orphans that performed at the hostel
Cambodia is an amazing place, especially after its resent Khmer Rouge massacre. This country was our favorite spot in all our travels having gracious people and a relaxing way of life. Nearly everywhere you travel in Cambodia, there is a hammock tied up; whether it is a tour bus driver waiting for his group or a shopkeeper taking a break. However, you forget sometimes how easy you have it, when you see many children in the streets begging for food or young children already starting to work. Still, Cambodia has an atmosphere where you never want to leave...

The war in Cambodia ended in 1979 and was a war of brutal killings and extinction of Western influence. When the Khmer Rouge came into power, many Cambodians were imprisoned and executed resulting in 3.3 million deaths. We saw first hand the killing fields, home of mass graves and executions, and the prison. But this country after such an evil event has rose above and created a whole new life for Cambodians. First arriving in Cambodia, we saw dirt roads and small houses built on stilts then coming into the capital with extravagant temples and "tuk tuks" intertwining through the traffic. It truly has a bit of everything-chaos, family, richness, relaxation, history, man-made wonders, tasty food and friendly natives.

We experienced Cambodia in more than 1 way: sitting on an attached boat in Phenom Penn, watching Cambodian dancers, hanging out with the tuk tuk drivers, riding a moped through the village roads, sleeping in a bungalow on Rabbit Island for 4 days, relaxing in the hammock with peanuts and beer in Kep, staying in free accommodation on the beach, touring the temples on a tuk tuk, wondering in the butterfly garden, chatting with the children, happy food, many sunsets...A world apart...one to appreciate.

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The Killing FieldsThe Killing Fields
The Killing Fields

The memorial with thousands of bones and skulls
The Boat Chillout SpotThe Boat Chillout Spot
The Boat Chillout Spot

The boat connected to our hostel
Getting PetrolGetting Petrol
Getting Petrol

The petrol was sold in soda bottles along the road at random shops

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