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February 26th 2010
Published: February 26th 2010
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Nous n'avons pas bouge des masses et pourtant, notre premiere semaine au Cambodge ne fut pas de tout repos.

Nous sommes arrive en urgence a Phnom Penh car Michy ne se sentait vraiment pas bien avec des symptomes qui ressemblit furieusement a ceux de la crise cardiaque...heureusement, apres une visite a l'hopital, nous avons ete rassure et il s'agissait en fait d'une gastro-entherite aigue avec reflux d'acide dans l'oesophage, ce qui provoquait les douleurs dans la poitrine et le bras gauche.

Repos obligatoire pour quelques jours et regime ultra strict afin de remettre ce petit bout sur pied...mais allez essayer de faire manger uniquement du riz a une italienne...Meme Rambo n'aurai pas eu facile, mais malgre tout elle a vite repris des couleurs et a retrouve le sourire.

apres 4 jours, nous avons decide de bouger un peu vers le sud et nous sommes alle a Kampot pendant trois jours, le temps aussi pour l'ambassade indienne de faire notre visa...Nous sommes maintenant de retour a Phnom Penh histoire de recuperer nos passeport et ce soir, en route pour Siem Reap et les fabuleux temples d'Angkor.

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Yes...it exists, the world toilet associationYes...it exists, the world toilet association
Yes...it exists, the world toilet association

and Mister toilet public is its president
Local fried dish and saladLocal fried dish and salad
Local fried dish and salad

My stomach survided it...I'm now ready for anything
one year laterone year later
one year later

tanned...dirty...scratched...but still on the road and loving it
S-21 prisonS-21 prison
S-21 prison

better have your guts ready for this one because what the khmer rouge did to their own people was not easy to watch
poem to the new regimepoem to the new regime
poem to the new regime

I hope you can read it...this explain quite everything about the khmer rouge
meeting with the legendary AK47meeting with the legendary AK47
meeting with the legendary AK47

nice shooting range where you can try a all arsenal of weapon from the american war
that's no joke when you fire that thingthat's no joke when you fire that thing
that's no joke when you fire that thing

no wonder it's the most used weapon in the world
Sanji and the arsenalSanji and the arsenal
Sanji and the arsenal

you can shoot with every single one of them...even a grenade launcher
Michy going on a shopping spreeMichy going on a shopping spree
Michy going on a shopping spree

really good to make her feel better after these hard days
the Big rockthe Big rock
the Big rock

Bat cave around Kampot
what the heck is that fruit: winter melonwhat the heck is that fruit: winter melon
what the heck is that fruit: winter melon

actually a quite disgusting one...tasting like old cookies

1st March 2010

i miss you guys
Well, it sure wasn't easy coming home and getting back into everyday life. I opened up a small store a few blocks from the beach in St Augustine Florida. I will be in South America in 40 days. I just translated and read all of your updates. Your pictures are great! I have some money saved up and starting the planning for my own year long trip from Mexico to Argentina. I go nuts here, I still play my digg every night. It is on the couch next to me right now actually. I do hope to see you all once again. e-mail me back whenever you can. -morgan
2nd March 2010

Aha la tronche de ton pied...
Remarque je fais mon malin, mais d'ici là les miens ne seront sans doute pas bien plus brillants...bonne continuation chien d'infidèle, et bisous à vous !
20th March 2010

Hi Guys
Your pictures are great, looks like you're having a great time. I went to France, I love Paris(OMG). It's a beautiful country and the people were very friendly. Sylvie's family live there, we stayed with them went to Saint Milo(cool), Mont Saint Micheal, beaches of Normandy(understand why you like sunshine). I need more time going south next time so Michela can give us a grand tour of her country(she may need some rest first). Dude your feet need a spa treatment, you're in Asia come on it should be sheap there. Enjoyed the tour keep in touch, love you both, Johnny

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