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December 12th 2013
Published: December 13th 2013
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We began our day at Sovann Komar (Golden Child) village, which is an orphanage that's structured unusually in that instead of one nanny to 20 children, there are smaller family groups with hired parents who are college-educated and make a 20-year commitment to their constructed families. No photos, since it's not allowed for confidentiality and security. They are opening a restaurant soon, though, and I'll look forward to trying it next time I'm here. We were toured around by an Oregon intern, which is always a delight.

I began to feel ill at mid-morning, as did another student. By now, most people have become ill, some badly so. I've had words with the hotel, since the only food we have in common is breakfast. This hotel, like many I frequent, is a training site for rural and disadvantaged Khmer, so I'll cut them slack one time, though I spent most of yesterday feverish and more liquid-producing than I'd like.

I will write more extensively about today (the 13th) later--I'm about to attend an AA meeting with about half of the students.


13th December 2013

I hope your intervention with the hotel takes. Otherwise, you all may be better off moving, if you can get healthy enough to do so!
15th December 2013

Being a 30 year member of AA.....very active here in Eugene, I would love to know what a meeting there is like? i.e. STRUCTURE: how it was ran- secretary 'managing' the meeting? a Speaker/Chair Person telling their story? Open sharing? How welcoming were people of those outside their community? I know people who have attended meetings all over Europe and Mexico.....but none in Asia.
18th December 2013

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