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April 17th 2012
Published: April 17th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Leanne and I spent a good few days in Sihanoukville. Great little costal town. Lots of drinking involved. Its pretty for now but it wont be much longer and all the big developers will move in. We stayed at g'day mate. Lovely guys running it. Can you guess what nationality they are? Australian and the barman irish. We did quite a bit of a drinking in that bar. We also went on a booze cruise and met a guy from western super mare whos friends worked with us (small little world). We did a lovely boat cruise which included snorkelling,meals and a walk through the forest. I made some poor guy carry my bag on his head as we went through the marsh/swamp. He didnt drown though so it was all ok in the end. We have now reached Phnom Penh. The bus journey here wasnt that great. Everyone seems to be in a hurry which means driving up the back of a lorry and breaking at the last minute. We are here now though and safe. I was poked by some random boy in the street who then looked really amazed to see me. Still finding that all a bit strange. There are so many interesting things that i really should write about but i forget the moment i get access to a computer so apologies if the reading is a little dull. More to come later x


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