Photos from Siem Reap, North, Cambodia, Asia - page 7

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Monks Accomodation opposite Elephant Terrace
Angkor Watt main temple
Angkor Watt main temple
Amazing Angkor
Sunrise at Angkor
Angkor at sunrise
In a shop
The fateful meal
Photo 64
Floating School @Floating Village
Way to the Market
I want a bite off that chocolate bar too!
Department of Cults and Religions
Orphans Under the Care of Sisters of Charity
Some Snakes???
Sunday Mass
silk cocoons
finished products
little catholic church
Pari eating sticky rice in a bamboo
silkworms getting busy
Our Very Competent Guide
Grilled Bananas, anyone?
$1 Ride On a Tuktuk
Dr. Fish Massage
Inside Sokha Angkor Hotel
Small Island Houses a Temple
Floating Village
Bye, bye Siem Reap
Boat Ride to the Floating Village
Sokha Angkor Hotel By Day
Happy Everybody!
Sokha Angkor Hotel By Night
Khmer Food?
Apsara Dance?
Happy everybody, Happy everytime!
Angkor Wat Sunrise
Floating Village
Tonle Sap Lake
Dr. Fish
Try the Dragonfruit Shake
where's Lara
Photo 45
People at one of the rural stations
Monks going to worship
South Gate
offerings in the temples
What Wat is this?!
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