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December 24th 2015
Published: January 11th 2016
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We start our day 6 as early as 5am because we need to purchase 1 day pass to Angkor Wat and avoid crowd. Mr Lors, our tuk tuk rider picked us up from hotel and once we purchased our pass, we head towards XXX to watch sunrise. Generally people will watch sunrise at Angkor Wat so we decided to go anti clock wise in visiting the spots. We start from XXX and end up at Angkor Wat.

The sunrise at XXX is between 6.15-6.20 and yes the view is awesome. Worth wake up at 4am. If you reach XXX early, you can enjoy cup of coffee at the stall nearby or you can choose to watch the sunrise while seated at the stall. The owner may insist you to have breakfast there but then it is your choice. Once we settled our photo taking, we head to our first location which is xxx. Most of the ruins or temple may looks the same so some people may get slighthy disappointed when they are at the location. Well the reason why Siem Reap became so popular and one of the 7 wonders in the world is merely because of the architecture. How one could build such a wonderful temple by only using human power. I would say this is more than extreme engineering. The level of precision amazed me. When you see from outside, it will looks like stack of rocks. Well yes, stack of rocks but how did they manage to bring all the rocks together to build such monument. It is beyond explaination. You must see for yourself.

This scultupes, monuments and temple does represent how great the empire was during those days. Not to forget the surrounds of this buildings. there is a proper water resources for whomever reside there. The weather was so hot during our visit, we did get exhausted and thank god I didn't ride my bike because for some of the temples, you need to enter at one side and exit at another point so engaging Mr Lors was a good idea. He waited for us patiently throughout our trip.

One of our stop over was a temple, according to guard there this is a private temple for the king and one must climb a very steep stairs to go up. There was like 4 floors and 50m up. Tourist visiting this temple must wear proper attire ie not revealing as a respect. The stairs is not for someone who afraid of heights.

In Siam Reap, there are many temple/wats so suggest you may want to pick and choose to the one you want to go. In terms of basic amenities. most of the tourist spot now has proper washroom and place to grap quick bites or drinks. Suggest you try coconut because it will help your body to regulate temperature.

Our final stop was the famous Angkor Wat. Standing so majestically, it is the king of all the temple/wat merely because of its architecture and still being use as monks monark. The goverment with collaboration with UNESCO, trying to restore some one the section within the wat. Now Angkor Wat has proper staircase which they build to easy people who want to go up. Previously they have to climb up the original staircase which can be freaky when coming down. Very steep and not big foot friendly.

The view from inside at the top is beautiful and the air inside the wat is cooling because of the stones. After going around the wat and satisfied with all the photos we have taken, we decided to head back to our tuk tuk and back to our hotel. It was 1.30pm when we decided to head back and we since we told Mr Lors that next day we are heading to Mount Kulen, he suggest us to purchase the ticket today itself so he bring us to the ticket counter for Mount Kulen. This ticket counter located in town, nearby the Caltex gas station. The ticket cost about USD XX per person. Ticket sorted and next is to find souvenir to bring back home so we ask Mr Lor to bring us to market. The place where you can buy souvenirs nearby to Pub Street. You can choose to buy at shops inside shop-lots or opposite where it looks like market. Suggest you to go and survey the market because we found out the price is much cheaper at market area. By the time we finish shopping, we were exhausted due to heat plus we haven't had our lunch. We reached hotel around 3 and quickly paid Mr Lor, dump our stuffs in the room and head out for lunch at the restaurant opposite. We kind of attracted to the food served in that restaurant.

We took the evening pretty easy because next day we have another day to kill and we need to up early and ride about 50km one way to Mount Kulen.

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King's private templeKing's private temple
King's private temple

This appears as on of the king's private temple and visitors here must wear something at knee length and proper tops as a respect

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