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August 29th 2011
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Our route to Siem Reap

Heathrow > Bangkok > Siem Reap

Hi all,

We've set up this blog so that we have a record of what we have seen and done on this trip, and so that you can have a look at what we've got up to whilst we're off doing it. We've decided to take it in turns to write blogs, so you will be treated to our different perceptions of the places we visit.

This first entry is nice and simple- it's about our journey here:

Our flight over to Bangkok was relatively uneventful- we turned up at Heathrow to be told that the flight was definitely not overbooked and that we could stretch out on the empty seats (though they wouldn't let us upgrade to the two empty seats in first class). Elana predictably fell asleep before the plane had even left the gate, and we were on our way in no time. The flight lasted a rear-numbing 10 hours 50 mins, during which time we flew over Eastern Europe, Iran and India.

Our arrival at Bangkok signalled the beginning of a chaotic 15 minute period for us, as we were connecting almost immediately to a flight to Siem Reap, from where this entry is being written. Rather than helpfully transfer our bags onto the next flight, BA made us queue for border control and wait for our bags to come off the carousel, despite the fact that we had landed 10 minutes late, had absolutely no idea how to navigate the airport and only had 30 minutes until we thought check-in closed! Out of breath, we arrived at our check-in desk with only minutes to spare, and 15 minutes until the gate closed.

Having known in advance that we'd be flying to Siem Reap on a tiny propeller plane, and been told by others to expect lots of turbulence, I can't say that I was relishing the prospect of the next flight. Thankfully time passed quickly and we were treated to some awesome scenery as we landed at Siem Reap Airport. We didn't experience any real turbulence and it didn't rain either! .

Our hotel is new, clean and airy. We have a large room, a swimming pool, and a wake-up call in the form of a cockerel, which we can hear from down the street! Our stay also includes a complementary 30 minute foot massage, which we're hoping to take advantage of in the next day or two . Our first meal in Cambodia was at the hotel. Elana had chicken and rice , and I had the national dish called Amok Trey (fish curry spooned out of a whole coconut).

That's all for now folks, as we're both super tired and are going to hit the sack in anticipation of the some heavy-duty touring tomorrow (which I am sure Elana will tell you all about) .

Love to all back home,



31st August 2011

Very enjoyable
A very good idea to do this blog and a most informative and enjoyable read. It's clear that the author(s) are enjoying themselves at this early stage of their travels and I can't wait for the next instalment. Theo was really excited to hear what has been going on... his tail is wagging furiously!!

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