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October 16th 2010
Published: October 16th 2010
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The plan was to teach English for a few days in a school providing free education to underprivaledged children in Thnol Trong Village, near Siem Reap. Unfortunately, the night before we were due to start the heavens opened and flooded half of Cambodia, including the school. Savong, the owner, asked us if we'd like to go to the orphanage that he also set up instead to play with the kids. We jump... Read Full Entry

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Kimsan and babyKimsan and baby
Kimsan and baby

Kimsan was an amazing girl. I wanted to bring her home with me.

All the kids and the adults gave the peace V whenever the camera was out.
Flooded roadFlooded road
Flooded road

Taking a tuk tuk to the market in Thnol Trong Village
Willy caused a riotWilly caused a riot
Willy caused a riot

We thought Willy would enjoy a trip out, but he caused such a riot he had to hide in the bag again.
Such a cutie.Such a cutie.
Such a cutie.

This little guy is the cook's son.

with lots of popping.
S&S in SOCS&S in SOC
S&S in SOC

One of the lads hijacked the camera and went off snap happy.
Off to school.Off to school.
Off to school.

The children attend school once a day, either in the morning or the afternoon. They all looked dapper in their uniforms.
The snap happy boyThe snap happy boy
The snap happy boy

thought it was best if he took photos whilst on Steve's shoulders.
A fish pond with 100s of cat fishA fish pond with 100s of cat fish
A fish pond with 100s of cat fish

for food and to sell to raise money.

16th October 2010

Such a wonderful blog, dear little children. Savong is clearly a gem. We are so proud of you both. lots of love xxxxxxx
16th October 2010

Savong is certainly a gem. We need more people like him in the world. Lots of love xxx
19th October 2010

Aww man, you guys! What absolute sweethearts, i'm not suprised the kids won't forget you looks like you were having so much fun together x
20th October 2010

Hi Nici
All the kiddies were sooooo much fun and really friendly. Good to hear from you. I hope all's well back home. xx
20th October 2010

Hi J&L
Steve was a magnet, the kids loved him. Maybe it's because he's a big kid still at heart. xx
9th November 2010

Wow - thanks for posting this!
Guys, I was just looking up Savong and found your blog - and have spent 20 minutes going through the pictures - happy memories and looking at all the little details. Fantastic. I'll do a link to your blog on the website What I love ehre is the level of play with these kids. In rural Cambodia there is very little of the culture of play that we generally grow up with. The toys, the sandpit etc - yet the SOC children clearly have a high level of interactivity (with each other and with visitors) which is a joy to see in your photos. Everyone falls in love with Kemsan! That girl is really bright, and when she finishes Grade 12 (still a few years away) I hope we'll be able to sponsor her through University. Savong School started a university scholarship this year, and the plan is to add more scholarship students, at least 4 per annum, to support them through university with fees, transport, laptop and living allowance. Can you imagine Kemsan, a few years from now, holding a degree and able to follow any opportunity she chooses. That's the dream. Thanks for your posting, and especial thanks for visiting.
21st November 2010

Hi Duncan
Thank you for reading and for your lovely comment. It's so good to hear that Kemsan has a bright future. SOC is doing such fabulous work, it was amazing to have visited. We will stay in touch. Best of luck with the future. Sheryl
21st November 2010

21st November 2010

31st December 2010

Hi Sheryl and Steve! :) I was wondering if any of you wanted some of my photos, i think i've got some of you guys, and if you want i have some pretty cute photos of the children too. If you want, you could either find me on facebook (if you have facebook) as 'Galina Kuan' or would email be better? :) I love this blog by the way! Are you planning to make another trip to cambodia soon? xxxx
31st December 2010
Having fun..

aww i love this! :)
31st December 2010
Awww he was a bit shy.

haha aww he's so cute.
21st June 2011

Added a link to the website
By the way guys, I added a link to your wonderful blog on the website. It gives us a kick to see how visitors see us!
16th July 2011

Such brilliant memories.
27th October 2011

pray for my Vlige
dear sir . i am from Pakistan sindh my vlige is a many children orphans the have a no eduction no food no clothe and no fuotar so please pray for may vlige Calderon ' a. razaq

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