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October 12th 2010
Published: October 12th 2010
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Koh Chang to Siem Reap, Cambodia

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1: Best tuk tuk ever 23 secs
We’re now in Cambodia having said a fond farewell to Koh Chang. We had a good 12 hour journey and traveled by mini bus, boat and big bus to end up in Siem Reap in the North of Cambodia. The thing that you notice straight away after crossing the border are paddy fields as far as the eye can see. The accommodation is more similar to that of rural Central America than Thailand but there is an amazing feeling of spirit. People were out with their families playing and washing in the water ways, eating dinner, picnic style, on bridges and on the river banks. Already, Cambodia seems like a special place.

We took a couple of days staying near to our very nice hotel (we were greeted with chilled towels to mop our brows on arrival) as Sheryl had a mild case of food poisoning. After a while, when we thought it was safe enough to venture away from the comforts of a western toilet, we took a tuk tuk ride in to town to see what’s going on. The middle of Siem Reap, or the Old Market area, seems to be set up for the tourist. Lots of bars with happy hours and cheap eats. Just outside of this the main road is lined with huge, grand hotels which, at night, light up their pointy roofs, fountains and sculptures. The reason for the tourism is that Siem Reap is the place to stay when you want to visit one of the wonders of the world, Angkor Wat.

Whilst sitting having a drink on the side of the road a tuk tuk came and parked up next to us. A rock n roll tuk tuk no less with ice cooler box, a DVD player, games, karaoke, surround sound speakers and enough music to fill few days. Well, if we were ever going to spend a day seeing temples, what better way to do it than in the rock n roll tuk tuk. The day was hot and hard work as there is still a lot of walking to do but we had such a fabulous time.

Angkor Wat and the surrounding area is just amazing. Angkor Wat with all it's grandeur and spectacular details and the smaller but no less amazing temples that looked like the setting for the film, Tomb Raider. We felt like Indiana Jones with the massive trees hiding the small doorways that led to ancient temples.

We didn't feel so much of an Indiana when we got pounced on by numerous children all wanting to sell us something though.. all for the flat rate of 'one dollar'. It can be quite tiring when for the 200th time in one day you have to say 'no, sorry' but desperately wanted to say 'yes, of course'. 200 one dollars add up to quite a lot.

Today we have checked out of our lovely hotel and have moved to a nice guest house closer to the town centre, The Jasmin Lodge. We needed to move closer as we will be traveling 13km out of town to a school for the rest of the week where we will be teaching English to rural Cambodian children. Neither of us have taught English before but luckily we will be having a bit of guidance from an English teacher already at the school.

Sadly, our laptop has decided that it no longer likes connecting to wi fi. No reason for saying, just wanted to share the sad news. Good news is that we get to use internet
Pub StreetPub StreetPub Street

Near the old market is Siem Reap's answer to Khoa San Road
cafes that are usually placed next to a pub.

Rocking 'n' Rolling lurve to you all



We have just found out that the school is now flooded and so are their houses. There is an orphanage attached to the school, so it looks like we are going to play with them instead. S&S 'official play buddies' - cool.

Additional photos below
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Hi Tech tuk tukHi Tech tuk tuk
Hi Tech tuk tuk

For our days trip to Angkor Wat
Monk just outside Angkor WatMonk just outside Angkor Wat
Monk just outside Angkor Wat

After this was taken he took out his mobile phone.
Angkor WatAngkor Wat
Angkor Wat

and it's many many door ways
It's all about the detail..It's all about the detail..
It's all about the detail..

the detail was spectacular, every surface was covered.
Detail again..Detail again..
Detail again..

and they all have stories.
We always knew where to find our tuk tukWe always knew where to find our tuk tuk
We always knew where to find our tuk tuk

it was always hidden by heaps of children watching films on his DVD player.

12th October 2010

Teaching English
Remember, Sheryl, it's Curree not Curreh! And for goodness sake don't let Steve teach those children any northern!
12th October 2010

So so so noted! [giggling a lot!]
12th October 2010

Those are big trees!!
Love all your photos but the way those trees have grown is just incredible. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. hugs and kisses xxxxxx
12th October 2010

Sing along with Stephen
That clip in the tuk-tuk is amazing. "Always look on the bright side of life" seems to be your theme tune for this trip (and we hope Sheryl doesn't succumb to any more food poisoning). What are you going to sing with the children? xx
13th October 2010

The trees
are very cool, I wouldn't have thought they'd survive, let alone grow that big. Thanks for the good luck, we've just had our first morning there and it was lovely. xxx
13th October 2010

Singing Steve
Now that is a good idea! We'll try to get it on camera. :O) xx
13th October 2010

ps rocking tuk tuk
Just managed to open the video - really good!! xxx
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