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October 17th 2012
Published: October 17th 2012
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Tickets for Angkor WatTickets for Angkor WatTickets for Angkor Wat

Confused ticket official trying to recognise the western faces on the tickets
Hello! Today I was up good and early again. Last night I bought my ticket to visit the temples around Sim Reap, Angkor Wat.

It is amazing to see how things are done in Cambodia, or anywhere for that matter. A ticket has to be purchased before being allowed in to see the insides of the temples. For this, I was taken, on the way to the sunset viewing, to a buying booth which is run by Government employees. There is huge prestige to be had being an employee as such; they are so efficient though (that is, when they decide to open the office!) and their quirky ways gave everyone in the queue a few smiles (and for the US visitors, a bit of impatience too - Well Yáll, we don't do this back home...

The ticket officials all sat at their desks and at 16:45 on the dot they all did the same hand actions, opened the booths and waved in sync with each other; fascinating!

We queued; they take a photo, take lots of money off you and tell you to go and wait for your ticket, and your change, which in my case it
Angkor Wat by nightAngkor Wat by nightAngkor Wat by night

The sunset wasn't there to be seen, the clouds covered it, such a shame, but at least I got to see the temples!
was $80 change (they don't take the Cambodian Riel in a lot of places, the US$ is more profitable for them!!). Minutes later, a poor lady (photo should be attached soon) has to go and find these strange looking western people to give them their ticket!

There isn't much to say about the temples really; if you weren't there then the information is probably boring as hell, so I'll spare you that one!

Hopefully some photos have uploaded now. I am then going to do yesterday's travel blog, and add photographs to the earlier ones.

Additional photos below
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Me, at Angkor Wat ready for the sunset that didn't happen (well, it did, just us mortals couldn't see it due to the clouds)
Ruins near Angkor WatRuins near Angkor Wat
Ruins near Angkor Wat

A long line prior to the entrance (entrance to what, I am not sure, but it was incredible anyway!)
Grass CuttingGrass Cutting
Grass Cutting

I felt really bad for these guys, while I was having an interesting time, they appeared to be cutting grass with small shears; the heat was almost unbearable too (32c)

Part of the renovations; some improvements stick out like a sore thumb!
Possibly? Or Not?Possibly? Or Not?
Possibly? Or Not?

This sign made me chuckle - it actually meant that was one route out of a few routes which could be taken.
Door BellDoor Bell
Door Bell

Here is the old door bell to the temple!
Message for luck, health and happinessMessage for luck, health and happiness
Message for luck, health and happiness

Lighting an incense stick for luck, health and happiness (what it actually means is, you can't go past til you pay the woman a minimum of $1US
Traditional dressTraditional dress
Traditional dress

Stunning. Nothing more to say

17th October 2012
Possibly? Or Not?

Loving photos
Even better once I found how to view full size and read your captions ?x

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