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May 29th 2004
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Hello all,

First day in Thailand and I don't have much to write about Thailand yet, but I'm sure after seeing the sex show tonight, I'll have much to report...
I know it's not surprising, but the amount of western men with Asian women is astounding. But it makes sense. The only way many of the women could have a better life is either raise enough money to go to another country or marry a foreigner. When you earn $1 a day, it's easier to hit the foreigner angle and if you can't make it to another country, at least you can have the guy spend his money on you.
I'm not saying that every mixed couple is together because of this, but this is a dream come true for ugly and fat western men. Picture a fat 50 year old ex-firefighter who can come to Cambodia. He wants to get away from his demanding wife and kids, and hang out with a 17 year old subservient hotty. A 17 year old subservient hotty with STD's, but a hotty nonetheless. It's the same as the Vietnam war when men left girlfriends, wives, and children behind to go back to their wives in the states. And shockingly enough, the men that I've spoken to are proud of it. These two jerks from NY were with their Cambodian girlfriends and laughing about their wives and kids back home. I saw one of them give a gold necklace to his Cambodian girlfriend ( she was in braces I might add). Now, I'm no prude but this is repulsive. I was lucky enough to marry a subservient wife in Danielle who caters to my every whim. Oh wait, hold on. I have to check if Danielle's bathwater temperature is suitable for her and if I can start fanning her again.

I have found something more grand than the imperial palace, more unique than the terracotta warriors, more great than the...great wall.

It was wrong to say that Cambodia is known only for mass genocide. Cambodian karaoke will not only sweep Asia, but eventually the world. During the boat ride from Phnom Penh in Cambodia to Siam Reep, (6 hours) they had karaoke videos playing on the VCR. No microphone, mind you, just the video. Sure the engine drowned out most of the music, but even that didn't stop the power of...(say it with me) Cambodian Karaoke!!!

Each song (there were around 12 total) showed a fun loving group of Cambodians in their 20's dancing in a circle, some even clapping. Their dancing consisted of moving their pointed hands as they went around and around and around. This was in each of the 12 songs and yes, it was as exciting as it sounds. But it gets better. The locations were either in a ball room or a park. Yes, two whole locations and the same type of dancing for each of those locations as well. But it didn't stop there. Being the fantastic story tellers that they are, they added at least one instance of comic relief in each video. One time a guy trips in the circle or flirts with a girl and then trips or even trips and then trips again. There is a lot of tripping. After seeing this, the rest of the group laughs at him and he gives the classic Cambodian "aw shucks" look while shrugging his shoulders. I swear Vaudeville is not dead, it has merely moved to Cambodia. I for one will invest stock because this will be huge.

Take care and we'll be back in 3 weeks or so...


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Meekong SlutsMeekong Sluts
Meekong Sluts

These are the two girls that those two NY bastards who were bragging about cheating on their wives were with. One of them had braces and the guys were in their mid-forties. If only their wives knew...

Can you spot the rich American swimming in a gorgeous hotel in Cambodia, where right outside there are people without limbs begging for less than pennies? Yes, that's me.

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