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February 23rd 2011
Published: February 28th 2011
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Oh darn, missed him.
Fresh water dolphins are possibly the biggest attraction in Kratie, and I was determined to see them. Ideally alone, but then when is life ever ideal? My moto driver arrived a little late and driving a tuk tuk with 2 people already seated in the back. "You travel with 2 other tourist" he beamed "cheaper for you" (lol, more money for him more like, but who am I to begrudge that), as I reluctantly nodded my assent he thrust $2 back at me and off we went. My two companions were very nice, proper backpackers who'd met that day on the bus and were already sharing a room (I'll never understand this need the average backpacker has to save a dollar and share a room with a complete stranger - do they not crave some time alone ever?).

We arrived at the boat dock, paid our $7, picked up 2 French women (who were keen to save some dollars) and set off. Spotting the dolphins was not hard, these guys were everywhere. Photographing said beasts proved rather more taxing, I have numerous shots of water splashes to show you, you'll just have to take my word that only seconds before

ach... missed again!
there had been a dolphin arcing through the air. These seem to be a rather shy breed of dolphin, certainly no flipper like tricks and this appeared to upset by boat companions (not the French, they were as enthralled as I). For almost an hour they moaned about how they'd been robbed, not worth the money etc etc.


I really wished I'd had the gumption to say I was paying $9 for a boat on my own when we were hiring (I'd wanted to, seeing as the French ladies made up the nubers so my two sompanions would get the cheaper price). Silently gliding through a beautiful setting, spotting the dolphins, all alone.... now that would have been a serene and worthwhile experience. Alas, I have no gumption and I was stuck in the boat with my new friends. Eventually the boat man asked if we would like to go see the rapids. Oh yes, I very much would... but not my companions it would seem. They were worried it would increase the price. I loath traveling in groups, have I mentioned this.... compromise (always seems to be in my disfavour) is not in my nature when I travel. This sucked. We did not see the rapids.

Stopped at Bokor Mountain on the way home, to view the sunset. Climbed too many steps (remember I had not eaten in 48 hours due to dicky tummy) only to see tree tops and smog. Sunset was not a go go here. Again my companions felt robbed, lol, glad I am not so cynical. Must be hard always feeling like folk are out to rip you off (many of them are but oft I live in happy ignorance), I suspect on a clearer day you may well get a great view up there.

You'd think I'd manage to shake my new friends after this but some travelers are persistent and I think they felt sorry for me all alone. So, despite my best efforts we met for dinner. They brought along another stray, the conversation started... what was our passion, not just any passion but our deepest heart felt, all consuming passion? Erm.....

Dunno? Ack! Wrong answer. I was then forced (out of politeness) to close my eyes and focus deep in my heart, whilst the new addition to the group helped me find my passion

Yay! Finally I caught one on camera. Phew!
(using only the power of his heart and his eyes - this confused me for my eyes were closed, so how were his eyes going to help? anyway..). I never found my passion, I suspect I am just to lazy to have one if I'm honest. This was bad, I was his first failure. He was so sad I eventually relented and picked the good old staples of food and travel as my passions, he cheered up then and declared the session a success. Bless, he was very young.

Soon enough we went our separate ways, they to search out cake, I to discover I'd recommenced eating too soon. That food did not linger in my system for long. So, another 24 hours fasting. Yay! Not eating takes it's toll and I had little energy to do anything other than book a mini bus out of town for the next day. Next stop Sen Monorom.

Additional photos below
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Me arriving at KratieMe arriving at Kratie
Me arriving at Kratie

Took me 10 minutes to summon the energy to lift the camera and snap this. So am most pleased to see it does not even nearly show how exhausted and truly filthy I was. Darn camera and it's lies!
Bokor SunsetBokor Sunset
Bokor Sunset

Not quite as dramatic as expected.

Swanky, eh?

Couldn't be posher. Those doors open on to fresh air, the place is only half built at present.
Balcony sunsetBalcony sunset
Balcony sunset

Beats the Bokor one hands down

4th March 2011

photo of self
omg jen !!!!! dont ever call me scarey again lol or i'll refer back to this photo as to wjo is the scariest xx

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