Shwedagon Pagoda and the Pink Nuns

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December 30th 2016
Published: December 30th 2016
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Shwedagon Pagoda, with its surfeit of gold, and plethora of Buddhas can be dizzying. Best to start small. The history Legend has it that two traders from Burma took 500 bullock carts full of goods to India. There they met Gautama Buddha as he was meditating under a bodhi tree. Even though Guatama had not yet been revealed as The Enlightened One, the brothers recognized him and gave him a gift of... Read Full Entry

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Maha Tissada bellMaha Tissada bell
Maha Tissada bell

In the Pali language this means "Great Three-toned Sweet Sound."
novice nunsnovice nuns
novice nuns

These then looked solemn for the camera, then crowded around to see how the photo turned out.
guardians at the gateguardians at the gate
guardians at the gate

outside the West Gate
guardians at the gate3guardians at the gate3
guardians at the gate3

The West Entrance

30th December 2016

I wanna go...
Thanks Karen....keep on truckin'
31st December 2016

I'm glad you came along with me in spirit. I think once you start travelling it's pretty hard to stop.
30th December 2016
reclining Buddha

Schwedagon Pagoda
What a wonderful place to be at this time of year Karen. May you recline and rest like the Reclining Buddha and smile like the pink nuns for the rest of your journey. Happy New Year!
31st December 2016
reclining Buddha

Thank you for your kind thoughts.May we all live happy and prosperous lives, however you define prosperity.
3rd January 2017

So many pagoda's so
It is wonderful until you reach saturation. They are amazing. So great that you caught a ceremony.We were there as the sunset and the changing light was wonderful.
4th January 2017

So many pagodas...
Much as I really enjoy Buddhist temples, I did get my fill and more.

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