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October 8th 2017
Published: October 25th 2017
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Shwedagon PagodaShwedagon PagodaShwedagon Pagoda

2,500 years old Shedagon Pagoda, which enshrines strands of Buddhas'hair and other holy relics. Located on 114 acres Singuttara Hill in Yangon and stands 110 meters. The Pagoda is covered with hundreds of gold plates and top of the stupa is encrusted with 4531 diamonds; the largest of which is a 72 carat diamond. Truly amazing and one of the wonders of the Myanmar heritage.
Jo John picked us up at the Hotel at 9am and we set off for the day sightseeing beautiful Yangon.

Swedadagon Pagoda - Truly amazing and one of the wonders of Myanmar culture. We then had a coconut water and the inside of the coconut very nice on a hot day.

Reclining Buddha in downtown Yangon 65 meters long and 16 meters high, housed in a big shed North of Kandawgyi Lake completed renovation in 1907 by the Buddhists and foreign tourist donations.

National Museum located in Dagon of Burmese art, history and culture in Myanmar. Founded in 1952, the five-story museum has an extensive collection of ancient artifacts, ornaments, works of art inscriptions and historic memorabilia related to the history, culture and civilization of Burmese people.

Kandawgyi Lake one of two major lakes in Yangon. The lake is artificial; water from Inya Lake is channelled through a series of pipes to Kandawgyi Lake. It was created to provide a clean water supply to the city during British colonial administration. It is picturesque and approximately 8 km in circumference.

Yangon Circular Train - Quail Eggs, Fruit similar to Grapefruit with salt and spices a great experience
Entrance to the TempleEntrance to the TempleEntrance to the Temple

Pretty amazing the woodwork in teak and columns and paintings telling the story of the Buddhas life.
and nice and quite at the time we took it thanks to Jo Johns insight.

Market - Picked up nick knacks and Mick picked up Burmese cigars, huge and packed with everything from food, clothes, woodwork, jewellery etc..

Local restaurant Myanmar lunch with four different plates, vegetables, corn mash, goat curry and Pork. $4 each free tea as well. The Special Tea Shop tried two different teas and we were told one typical British tea. Brewed in tea pots but sweet as tasted like it had six spoons of sugar.

Shwe Taun Tan Street Jetty- Ferry leaving every 20 minutes

Yangon Port to see Bananas, Coconuts and sugar cane being unloaded from the ships by hand.

Heritage buildings from British occupation such as the Custom House and Law Courts.

Beautiful nuns from the monastery and monks who we managed to get a photo off.

To top off everything I had washed my slacks and hung them outside, went to check when we got back to the Hotel and they have gone to god, no sign of them or the coat hanger!

Ready for bed that night and two bats decided to fly
Beautiful Nuns and monksBeautiful Nuns and monksBeautiful Nuns and monks

The children were all singing and the one in blue was from Jon Johns tribe.
into the room when the balcony door was left open so it was quite funny watching Mick trying to get them out with towels!

Custom House

Beautiful children monks and nuns.

Two Bats ended up in our room was funny watching Mick with a towel trying to get them out the door.

I washed my trousers and hung them outside no where to be found.

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Floating Restaurant on Kandawgyi LakeSC_0077Floating Restaurant on Kandawgyi LakeSC_0077
Floating Restaurant on Kandawgyi LakeSC_0077

Beautiful lake very picturesque artificial lake located east of the Shwedagon Pagoda
 Reclining Buddha Yangon Reclining Buddha Yangon
Reclining Buddha Yangon

65 meters long and 16 meters high it was huge decorated with very expressive colours.
Circurlar TrainCircurlar Train
Circurlar Train

Mick about to eat a quail egg, as you do when traveling on the circular train
Port of YangonPort of Yangon
Port of Yangon

Coconuts, Bananas and Cane Sugar being all unloaded by hand, these people do not have machinery and they really know what hard labour is all about.
Bats for companyBats for company
Bats for company

Mick getting some exercise trying to get rid of the bats!

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