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June 21st 2012
Published: June 21st 2012
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Ngwe Saung BeachNgwe Saung BeachNgwe Saung Beach

OMG not a single person in sight! Perhaps the ominous clouds explain it.
So on to Ngwe Saung, and the first of my bus rides in Myanmar. This mode of transportation in this country might just be the most notorious in Southeast Asia amongst travellers, and I'd certainly feared the worst. I vaguely remember the bus from Yangon to Mandalay back in 2006 being one of the most challenging in terms of duration and (dis)comfort, but the ride this time was actually quite acceptable. (As I write this I've already taken another ride out of Ngwe Saung, but that will be for the later entry).

Anyway, about Ngwe Saung -- a quiet beach resort on the Southwestern coast of Myanmar along the Bay of Bengal, often in the shadows of it's more illustrious counterparts nearby Chaung Tha, and of course the luxurious Ngapali. Recommended by LP as a good place to get away, it certainly didn't disappoint in terms of quietness! I was the only foreigner at the resort where I stayed (Shwe Hin Thar), where I had a lovely beachfront bamboo cabana. The electricity only ran from 6 pm to 6 am, so it was really quite back to basics for two days! (Of course, NO internet!) However it was the rainy
First Real Burmese MealFirst Real Burmese MealFirst Real Burmese Meal

I'd copped out with fried rice/ fried noodles etc in Yangon, because frankly even though I'm Asian myself, somehow Burmese food still looks a little daunting, even on my second trip here! But I was "forced" into this one as it was the lunch break during the bus ride, and it really turned out quite fine. Much ado about nothing.
season, so the weather was definitely not in my favour, as it rained almost every hour. During the heavier thunderstorms, the cabana would rock to the howling winds, which even knocked down some shorter palm trees. And during high tide, the beach would almost entirely disappear! Somewhat disconcerting, but definitely a relaxing and interesting experience at one of those more remote beach resorts that one always hopes to find, but almost never does...

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View from the BusView from the Bus
View from the Bus

On the way from Yangon to Ngwe Saung. Not unlike the many I saw in Java...
View from PorchView from Porch
View from Porch

That's how close to the beach the lodges are. This was the rainy season, and I saw during high tide the water submerging the entire beach!
Bamboo HutsBamboo Huts
Bamboo Huts

I stayed in B-4, the third one from the left. It shook quite a lot when the monsoon winds howled at night!

1st February 2013

Bus to Ngwe Saung
I am planning to Ngwe Saung on 14 Feb 2013, one of people said there is no bus to Ngwe Saung, how can I check the bus schedule for yangon Ngwe Saug, Is it ture that no bus on 14 Feb? How can I buy the bus ticket in Yangon. Thank you for your information. Best Regards. Mina
2nd February 2013

I went last July, and bought my ticket from the guesthouse (I stayed at White House Hotel in Yangon). It was an early bus about 6 am, and 4h ride, leaving from the Yangon bus station. It stops for breakfast along the way. At Ngwe Saung town, you still need to take a short motorcycle ride to the beach, about 1-2 km. Hope that helps, safe travels!

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