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January 30th 2014
Published: January 30th 2014
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Random thoughts /memories of the beach

-how warm the water is in the morning when the fisher men come in

-the stingray they had this morning that they divided for all the men to have a portion

- the division of the small catch on the tarps for the crew with some for the older folks standing about

-the thanka on the faces of the women and the children

-the wonderful lobster we ate last night for $20

-the line of the boat lights on the sea at night .There are 40 that sail our cove home but somewhere between 100-200 on this part of the coast

-the idea that across the water is Pondicherry where I spent time 5 years ago .I think I have swum in all the Northern Hemisphere sea/oceans except the Arctic

Enjoy your day!


30th January 2014

Great thoughts. Lots of memories. Good for you. So happy you. Great that you were able to connect with Suzanne after the weather difficulties at the beginning of your trip. So good that you will have shared memories of this time together. love,
30th January 2014

I really enjoyed your set of images and observations from the fishermen and their families. As good as photos, Pam.
30th January 2014

Thank you for the wonderful images. Can't wait to see the pics.
1st February 2014

Linda asked for Lesley and I to come for a visit. We went on Thursday. She is quite lucid at times but hallucinating at other times. Amber called this morning to let me know that the Drs. said on Friday, when Chelsea and Lesley were with them, that she is at end of life. Her brother Doug is coming from Saskatoon tomorrow (Sunday) and they are expecting her sister Lucy to come on Monday. Amber said they'd be sedating her more heavily starting on Monday. I'm so glad you are having such a wonderful trip. Recently my horoscope said "don't wait till later to do the things that make you happy" - I'm glad to see that you are taking my horoscope seriously:)! You are missing some crappy weather here. Warmest hugs from Joy
4th February 2014

Hey Pam!
Hi! Back at work in icy Saskatchewan. It's 28 degrees here too, like in Guay, but on the minus side!!! Enjoyed the ocean swimming, the climate, the whale watching, and of course the mango margaritas in Mexico. Thanks to Roger and Carol(e) we had a warm welcome with a frosty beer on their patio, and lots of hints and tips to get us started. I had hoped to stop in to visit once more but we seemed to run short of time for everything (only so much 4 gals can do in one week!). Enjoy the remaining adventures, Pam, and safe travels. Love,
4th February 2014

Lorna said that she has to get a code to use her Hotmail account when out of the country. This time they were phoning the code to her home phone. So if you can access your home telephone messages, you might find the required code there. Otherwise you will get it when you get back!

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