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January 29th 2014
Published: January 29th 2014
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This holiday within a holiday has been good . I have had seafood twice a day since we arrived . By the hotel there are 3 little beach restaurants where we generally eat lunch and have our happy hour . I have had the most amazing barracuda ...the skin lightly seasoned and although I was initially not eating it after the first bite I quickly consumed the rest.The tempura they serve , either seafood or vegetable , is light and tasty as well . We generally have a salad but are getting a bit tired of the dressing that they use . The peanuts in it are good but there is something else there that I am tired of is also in the avocado salad . I would just like an ordinary sliced tomato!! The tiger prawns have also been good . Our first night we ate at the hotel and although my whole red snapper was good the prices are about 1/3 more than they are anywhere else .Soooo we have been checking out the restaurants recommended by the Lonely Planet . About a 15 minute walk from the hotel , down a VERY dark main street ( there are no street lights here) are a little enclave of about 6 different restaurants . We have tried 2 and really did enjoy the tuna ,the first night and the barracuda the second . A bottle of wine , from the German winery , is a tasty addition. We do marvel at how inexpensive food is here . With our wine a meal for 2 is rarely more than $18 and $10 of that is for the wine .

Tomorrow we will be leaving here for Mrauk U . We will fly to Sittwe and the next morning take a 5 hour ferry to Mrauk which is another ancient city . It is also a town of 50,000 but although the hotel there is described as nice the rooms have battery powered lamps...hmmm...It will be the last adventure on this trip for after that we will be returning to Yangon to begin the journey home . I really don't know if I'll see a computer for the next few days and it would be nice to hear from you when I am connected again.

BTY While at the beach I have been reading "We Had It so Good "by Linda Grant . I do recommend it to you all .


29th January 2014

Guess the girls are enjoying their visit. They have not been back. They do seem to enjoy visiting with each other. So that is great. Have not seen or heard from Nettie for a while. Not sure if Bryon is back yet. But I would think he is. Your food sounds good. R will go to La Penita to buy fish today. We are out right now. We do have shrimp. Mmm good! Guess it is only right that wine would be the expensive part of the bill. After all it is not absolutely necessary like food is. But it is a nice addition. Not much happening around here right now. Sun is Super Bowl. R is organizing pizza for anyone who is interested. He will set up a tv in the palapa so we can all watch (?) together. There is at least 1 guy who is a real fan. The rest of us just eat, drink & socialize. Any excuse you know. Enjoy the next leg of your journey. We look forward to your notes. Hi Suzanne. love,
29th January 2014

Glad you are having a good time...and as uusual your adventurous self. I would need 3 bottles of wine to eat barracuda or whatever.... not me (take your pick: the wine or the barracuda). Do take care Pam and look forward to you back in good old Regina. The weather hasn't been that bad nor good as a matter of fact! M.
29th January 2014

I'm glad to hear you are enjoying you trip. I look forward to hearing all about it when you return. Some pictures would be nice.

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