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December 29th 2011
Published: December 29th 2011
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ok, well looks like I messed up this blog. It must have been the multiple attempts to download the photos, and now it looks like there are about 4 copies of each pic. I did not plan to post 98 pics. Way too slow to delete the extras, at one at a time. I am just going to post it as is.

Some countries are really easy to photograph, and Myanmar is one of them. The stupas and pagodas are amazing! All have been gold leaf covered over the years, and at dusk show some amazing colors. The people are friendly, and all in all an easy country to travel in. We spent 2 days touring Yangoon, with the highlight the Shwedagon Pagoda, propbably the most sacred Pagoda in Myanmar. It has the giant main Stupa and then thousands of smaler temples with even more Buddha images. It is truly a beautiful place.

Then an 8 hr bus trip north to Mandalay, now the capital. It is a sprawling city, but fairly easy to get around. We rented a taxi for the day and took a full tour thru the city and out into the countryside, including Sagain(sp?) amd Iwat, known for their horse cart transport. Also, enjoyed a marionette show, although did not understand much!

Yesterday, was our first day of rain on this entire trip, which was the attempt at another blog. Tomorrow we take an 8 hr boat trip to Bagan. We will stay there for the New Year, then back to Yangoon on Monday, returning to BKK on Wed.

I will not be able to title the photos, so will post as they are.

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29th December 2011

Gold, beautiful gold
The docs come into town tonight for a week of skiing. wish you were here to join us
4th January 2012

Great photos!!
We have been enjoying another one of your amazing adventures through your photos. Miss the narrative but it leaves the imagination to take over... Safe journeys!! Alison

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