Burma Three: Lingering a little longer with the lotus-eaters

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March 5th 2007
Published: March 4th 2007
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Pulling up his longyi, Naung Naung proudly shows us the tattoo of a rabbit on his right thigh, surrounded by a faded swirl of Pali inscriptions. "This one makes me jump higher", he explains, his face deadly serious, before pulling open his tattered shirt to reveal a tiger on his chest. "And this one gives me courage!" This goes on for a few minutes, as he shows us a succession of significant tatto... Read Full Entry

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No Entry Without PermissionNo Entry Without Permission
No Entry Without Permission

A permanently-flooded Intha school-yard
Old lady working on a spinning-wheelOld lady working on a spinning-wheel
Old lady working on a spinning-wheel

In one of the craft-specific Intha villages.
Brian enjoys his new-found wealthBrian enjoys his new-found wealth
Brian enjoys his new-found wealth

The local currency is 'kyat', (pronounced something like "chut").
Brian, (also wearing his longyi for the flight home), sleeps in the airport after a big last night out.Brian, (also wearing his longyi for the flight home), sleeps in the airport after a big last night out.
Brian, (also wearing his longyi for the flight home), sleeps in the airport after a big last night out.

In the front-left are an awesome Spanish couple we travelled with from Nyaungshwe.

5th March 2007

One of your best so far mate! It could just be that I'm home now and not travelling like you but there was something special about this blog. The photos are amazing and your insights and unique experiences were revealing as always!
5th March 2007

Fantastic to read
Having taken a comfort in reading about your travels, especially when I cannot, I wait eagerly for the next entry. Keep it going!
5th March 2007

I enjoyed
I enjoyed the blog. Great pictures as well.
5th March 2007

Cool in a longyis!
Another great blog about an amazing country! Found your comments towards the end on whether to visit Burma or not very thought provoking. I hear you are in Europe/North Africa at the moment so look forward to news from those parts too!!
6th March 2007

Longyis Rule!
Maybe you could introduce longyis to Australia! As always your blog was worth waiting for Michael. To visit or not to visit; you pose an interesting question. If you can be a voice for them maybe you can ease their plight in some small way.
7th March 2007

Another great blog
After reading this blog and what you told me in Vienna, I must say that you've won me over on Burma and Sth East Asia in general. Measured and provoking yet unbiased assessment of this unique country; can't wait to go there one day and see it for myself.
7th March 2007

which one is Brian's Booya?
Which one is Brian's Booya? Thanks for putting up the most hilarious picture of all time. One more question, 'what were you thinking (literally) when you posed for the picture?' I'm not being sarcastic. I mean, seriously.
27th March 2007

Hey Michael (i know your in aus now, i'm a bit slow - couldn't keep up with all your blogs!), your blogs have been AWESOME to read, but PLEASE don't tell my dad that Lonyis are cool...he doesn't need any encouragement!!
30th March 2007

small correction
very illustrative commentary mate! one thing though - photo with caption "perminently flooded school yard". I was there in January and the field was quite dry, a km or more from the lake!
29th April 2009

I would love to visit Burma someday. I'll probably look just like one of the locals :) nice photos as usual
11th December 2010

My gosh ! You went to Burma, that is soo awesome. I'm half burmes and half australian although I've always been more proud to be burmese. Could you send me a list of all the places you went to in Burma ? Because I would like to see everything. Even my mum might miss a few must-see places. And that temple on the water looks amazing <3.

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