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October 14th 2017
Published: November 12th 2017
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Donated KyatDonated KyatDonated Kyat

The Kaban Festival with donations going to the Monks robes for the next 12 months.
Woke to a dance ceremony outside the hotel 6am with music and a dancer being blasted through a mega phone and money collected was bought out for it, called it the Kaban Festival and the money collected goes towards new robes for the Monks. They had the money still stuck on the boards put into utes and with a escort of Police they left for the Monastery.

We picked up our washing, 50c an item on average.

Lym and Coca took us to a big Market where Mick bought a shirt and chiming bells.

We then stopped at Sugar cane plantation, we were given a traditional welcome with snacks and green tea provided. We watched a man climbing the palm trea to get palm oil and an ox crushing nuts. They also used the palm sugar to make alcohol, we both had a taste and you would not need to drink much of it, before becoming very inebriated. We also tasted the deep fried Gord Fritter and they sold Sesame oil. Was a really good experience.

Mount Popa 1518 metres abouve sea level, 800 steps. We were not sure we would be able to make it to
Happy little chapHappy little chapHappy little chap

6am in the morning and he danced for ages before the procession moved on to the Monastery.
the top of Mt. Popa so Lym stopped at a good place for me to take pictures of the scenery which was beautiful. We arrived at the steps to Mount Popa and after an hour we made it to the top, both of us exhausted and our legs and knees were pretty ordinary. Lym had a sling shot so that the monkeys did not bother us, he only needed to show it to them and they would take off. Cannot believe we did it, mind you it took us a half hour longer then most others.

Lunch at the Mt Popa Resort was very good with a view to die for, probably the best view we have seen in Myanmar, beautiful spot looking across to Mt. Popa. We intend to come back one day because they offered accommodation which was priced at $105. Then Lym took us back to where Coco was waiting and we opted out of a market tour and headed for our Hotel around 1 1/2 hrs drive.

Lym spoke about his little girl who is 3 years old and stated that "Children in Myanmar are known as the Wind Chimes of the house" we
Morning MarketMorning MarketMorning Market

Catering for everything you could think off.
thought that was a lovely way of thinking and the Burmese people are very family orientated.

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Yum anyone for FishYum anyone for Fish
Yum anyone for Fish

Unbelievable what was for sale.
The Ox crushing nutsThe Ox crushing nuts
The Ox crushing nuts

Manual work, just incredible the things that can be done without machinery.

Anyone for a drink, very potent at 40% alcohol, could be it sweetened with honey!
Green Tea, Snack and Fried GordGreen Tea, Snack and Fried Gord
Green Tea, Snack and Fried Gord

Amazing the spread that was put on and it did not cost anything, incredible place and well worth a tip.
View of Mt. PoppaView of Mt. Poppa
View of Mt. Poppa

We actually managed to climb that 800 steps.
We came we Conquered We came we Conquered
We came we Conquered

The top of Mt Popa and we will not be back.
Some of the 800 stepsSome of the 800 steps
Some of the 800 steps

As we got closer to the Monkey he took off because Lym showed his sling shot.
Mick and LymMick and Lym
Mick and Lym

Waiting to be shown to the Restaurant at the Mt Popa Resort.
View of Mt PapaView of Mt Papa
View of Mt Papa

View from the Mt Popa Resort, they charge for people to take photos from the viewing platform but because we had eaten lunch Lym managed to get a refund.

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