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October 13th 2017
Published: November 12th 2017
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Mick at the BarbersMick at the BarbersMick at the Barbers

Mick the Barber and Lyn with a couple of people watching in the back ground. $1 for being a foreigner, $1 for the hair cut and $1 for the beard.
Pick up at Hotel by Lym and Coco we saw the largest of the temples in Myanmar, tallest Stupa in Myanmar and more Fresco walls in another couple of Stupas in the walled city part. The locals have been moved from the walled city to another part of Bagon and as an incentive to move, they were given land in the new Bagon by the Government.

Mick had a visit to the local barber to get his Beard and Hair cut and being a foreigner he was charged a $1, $1 for the beard and $1 for the hair cut. The poor barber I dont think had cut a beard before and was really nervous with plenty of locals watching.

Visit to a lacquer workshop truly incredible, laquer taking 6 different processes and all hand done. We watched as the woman scratched scenes into the lacquer ware using their own personal drawings for each item.

Lunch local restaurant, very nice and the weather has really heated up 39c. Stop off to get beer for tonight and Tamarind local lollies really nice. We then found a shop where I could buy
Thatbyinnyu TempleThatbyinnyu TempleThatbyinnyu Temple

The tallest in Bagan being 61 Meters high
nail polish remover, it is great having a local guide because everything we needed they could find for us.

Back to Hotel, swim, sleep and pick up again at 4.30pm to see the sunset over Bagan, we have not had much luck getting a good picture of the sunset yet, so here's hoping. We have been trying to speak Burmese and picked up a few words like: Nicola - Hello, Konday - Good, Mindalaba -Good morning, Jesabar - Thank you, Saigonday - Beautiful scenery, Latte - beautiful food.

We were picked up to see king 46th temple then on to see the sunset over Bagan just wonderful and because of damage to a lot of the Temples people used to climb and are now off limits due to the earthquake damage. The government have built mounds up for people to get good photo's from.

Lym confirmed our trip on the River boat for 15th October which will take us from Bagan to Mandalay.

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Lacquer Ware Lacquer Ware
Lacquer Ware

The beginnings of a lacquer mug.
Etching the Lacquer wareEtching the Lacquer ware
Etching the Lacquer ware

Fine etching of a patern drawn on the plate.
A room dividerA room divider
A room divider

This was completed for an Australian family, don't think we could afford it.
Sunset over BaganSunset over Bagan
Sunset over Bagan

Not the best so will keep looking!

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