Inle Lake-Day 2

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February 1st 2016
Published: April 24th 2016
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Day 22-Monday-February 1 Buckle-up…this will be a wild day! We awoke this morning with our room not any warmer. Doug called the front desk and asked about the heater problem. He was told the units in each bungalow were only air conditioning and not heaters…oh well. So, as it does get warm here in the daytime, we’ll turn our units off when we return from our excursions in the afternoon to pre... Read Full Entry

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Finally time to have lunch at the Eyeful Lake Restaurant.
Don't wake meDon't wake me
Don't wake me

Dog sound asleep in this chair.
Don't wake me eitherDon't wake me either
Don't wake me either

Hal gets a little shut eye as well while we wait for lunch to arrive.
Small Buddha imageSmall Buddha image
Small Buddha image

A small shrine in the restaurant.
Kitchen staffKitchen staff
Kitchen staff

A couple of the young men in the kitchen were happy to smile as we were leaving.
Fishing net demonstrationFishing net demonstration
Fishing net demonstration

Ye Min gives us a brief demonstration of how the fishermen us their nets and how they work.
Cheroot factoryCheroot factory
Cheroot factory

Women making cheroots. Cheroots are hand-rolled with a little chopped tobacco leaves, mixed with other fragrant stalks and rolled into a smooth Thanet Hpet leaf. Cheroots vary from area to area, but most of them have a lighter sweet flavor.
Separating cheroot leavesSeparating cheroot leaves
Separating cheroot leaves

This woman is sorting leaves by size.
Stack of leavesStack of leaves
Stack of leaves

Here is a huge stack of cheroot leaves.
Big productionBig production
Big production

All of these women sit on the floor putting their cheroots together. Not quite a Phillip Morris factory.
Knife makingKnife making
Knife making

Our next stop was where they made knives. One guy holds the piece of metal over the round anvil that is surrounded by very hot coals while the other guys pound away with sledge hammers to flatten and shape it into a knife-like form.
Stoking the coalsStoking the coals
Stoking the coals

This woman sits on a perch using a small set of bellows to stoke the heat for the fire under the anvil.
Finishing touchFinishing touch
Finishing touch

This young man is sharpening and honing the anvil-finished product into a nicely finished product prior to putting on a handle.
Knives for saleKnives for sale
Knives for sale

Knives of various lengths and styles for sale.
Custom boat builderCustom boat builder
Custom boat builder

We then visited a boat building location. They build boats in three sizes, the 45 foot length to carry goods, smaller skiffs for everyday use and specialty boats for racing. They are made of teak and require several weeks to make each one as the lacquer between the joints has to dry. Once this 45' boat is finished an engine with long propeller will probably be installed.
Family outingFamily outing
Family outing

Looks like mom and the 2 kids have been to the market. The young boy sits proudly up front.

Kind of looks like attached housing on stilts.
Ceremonial boatCeremonial boat
Ceremonial boat

This ceremonial boat sits in a covered structure.
Vegetation to marketVegetation to market
Vegetation to market

These ladies take a boat full of lake vegetation to a floating garden farmer to be used as fertilizer.
Afternoon fishermanAfternoon fisherman
Afternoon fisherman

Stands on the front edge of his boat with oar around his leg and appears to be using a different type of net attached to a pole.
On the edgeOn the edge
On the edge

Fisherman has a thin wooden pole that holds a netting that is in the water waiting for fish to be caught.

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