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December 18th 2012
Published: December 23rd 2012
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The foreseeable futureThe foreseeable futureThe foreseeable future

Leaving our lovely flat in Thimphu, this is our home now!
Sadly our time in Bhutan had to finally come to an end. Having had such an amazing time, both through our rewarding work, and through the never-ending hospitality of our Bhutanese friends, we left Thimphu with heavy hearts.

As we wrap up this chapter on the blog, there are some photos which we are rather proud of, which never got uploaded earlier.

Our home is no longer our lovely Thimphu flat - it is now two bikes (Surly Long Haul Truckers), accompanied by six small bags. We'll be telling you more about this in the weeks to come!

In the meantime, have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! We will be somewhere in Northern Laos (probably fixing a puncture by the side of a road).

Much love ,

Andy and Mel

Additional photos below
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Andy's second favourite photoAndy's second favourite photo
Andy's second favourite photo

Was his favourite. Then he took a better one. This is our tent during a respite from monsoonal rain, above Phajoding monastery

Impossible to take a nasty photo up here.
Laya chapLaya chap
Laya chap

Dusty rooms and shards of light turn even bumbling engineers (Andy) into photographic geniuses. You should have heard my (Andy) pretentious chat whilst going camera mad.
Laya ladyLaya lady
Laya lady

ditto the other caption!
Monsoonal viewsMonsoonal views
Monsoonal views

How did we not post this photo before? We love it!
Trashigang valleyTrashigang valley
Trashigang valley

Another overlooked photo, which we quite like
Padi near TrashigangPadi near Trashigang
Padi near Trashigang

A pretty day in Trashigang harvest. Photos somehow got overlooked by blog
Mel restingMel resting
Mel resting

A portrait that Andy is proud of. Bit disconcerting to be photographed asleep, but the light was rather nice.

This chap was making an awful lot of noise, so I took a photo. If you ever hear a lot of noise, look out for this blighter.
Burning LakeBurning Lake
Burning Lake

The famous place where the important Lama Pema Lingpa pulled a burning lantern out of the water!
Quite a good photoQuite a good photo
Quite a good photo

It is? Isn't it?

28th December 2012
Mel resting

Mel Resting
Another great picture Andy. Mel looks so serene - did you photoshop out the dribbling! (only joking Mel) xxx
3rd March 2013

Nice to put your overlooked ones together. A pretty good haul!

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