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May 1st 2012
Published: May 1st 2012
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Many years ago when Hena realized she had to register the births of her two daughters she decided she would make it easier for herself. If she had to make up dates anyway (she couldn't remember exactly when she'd had either girl) she might as well be strategic about it: Johora's, May 1st, Rahima's, May 2nd. One cake, one party to arrange, twice the girly excitement. Everybody wins.

In America kids are usually pretty pissed if they have to share a birthday with a relative or a major holiday--it means less attention for them. But for Rahima, who is turning ten, and Johora, two years younger, the formula somehow works. So much so that I'm pretty sure I just witnessed the most fun ever had in one birthday celebration. Dancing on the bed, balloon popping, glitter everywhere, pink frosting and chocolate sauce on your cheeks, Akon so loud the whole basti wants to know where the party's at kind of fun.

Photos courtesy of the three teenage boys who also had done all of the decorating and preparation while Hena was at work. They took so many pictures I'm just uploading them all.

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1st May 2012

Shuvo Jonmodin!
Accha, so, you had that timing, I am missing!!

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