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April 28th 2012
Published: April 28th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

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Life in Bangladesh as I know it revolves around water: the overnight launch trip to down to Barisal, waiting for the never-on-time ferries that keep life moving between the islands and mainland (you wouldn't know the difference though since everything is surrounded by the fingerlets of rivers letting out into the Bay of Bengal), and speed boat rides to the more remote chars. Apparently I'm getting too lazy to write real blog entires so again there are photos: of fishermen hawking wares from their rowboats before the fish have even had a chance to die; of fields that march right into the river with no proper distinction between land and water (the boundaries are always changing down here); of sunrises and sunsets; of old boats and new boats; of cows on ferries and bideshis in rivers; and a video of the lightnight storm that lit up Dhaka as our launch boat left the ghat.

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Swimming in the MeghnaSwimming in the Meghna
Swimming in the Meghna

Much to the concern of the speed boat driver, my translator, my co-worker, and two fishermen who rowed up to make sure everything was ok.

28th April 2012

love the pics. proud of the jump;)
29th April 2012

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Great job Libby. The pictures look great. xoxo
3rd May 2012

Hang in there!
Come on, Libby, donĀ“t get lazy. There are lots of armchair philanthropists out here who hang on your blog. Keep up the good work. Any crocodiles in those rivers?? Ran

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