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March 3rd 2010
Published: March 3rd 2010
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The month of Yearend, The roster was not that bad as I m new..another new 4 destination out of over 80 destionations to cover...

Start with Katmandu Nepal, I Love this place as it is such a very old town and country! the architech, art and all the old style building and living!! the people are very nice, they are all smilling as well try to talk to us even they can't speak english! I do remember to try one of the nice Italian restaurant at Tarmia street calls Fire and Ice ... and don't forget to try Everest beers!!! ummm .. and whenever you are acrossing the sky, don't forget to look through the window of your airplane!!! Everest mountain View is amazing!!! trust me!!!!

Maldives!! One of my favourite destionatoins!! Time to bet burn and tan!! Not far away from where we basted..only 4 hours 30 mins flying and you will reach one of the beautiful Island in the world!! Sound really intersting!! There is not much to do in the Island as you have to take the private both to go to see around the Island.. but It s a good place for honeymoon couples!! as well the one who really loves quited and relaxing....

Algeir, Algeria...To those who does't know where is Algeria.. It's locating at North America between Tunisia and Morroco! Nice and beautiful old country and art, clubbing scene is just yet awesome as the EU destination but I would say, It s one of my favourite place to club.. You can end up with the famous DJ like David Guatta, Vendatta... Hilton hotel as well Sheraton hotel is the best place to club in Algiers!!!!

Dhaka, Bangaladetch..It was my Countdown Destionation of 2007! Flew with one of my Thai friend, Whenever you are visiting to Dhaka and for the one who loves shopping and not the expensive thing.. Bonggo market is one the welknown place to shop in Dhaka..The original jeans and brandname.. Don't wonder why I have said that.. Because most of the brand name are produce in this place, but you have to be strong enought to listen and see the people surround you begging and asking for money!! You can get ur nice jeans with the cheap price like 10 $ (ZARA) that's very cheap if you compare with the jean which is showing in the shop!! Anyway This layover is one of my memorable layover ever I have had ......

to be continue .....

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6th March 2010

PS* Algeria is in North Africa not North America...sorry for giving the wrong imformation!!

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