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Asia » Armenia » East » Ijevan September 22nd 2012

We had a pretty good nights sleep but I woke early and with the prospect of breakfast at 9.30am - talk about laid back - I had a wander around the site and then back to bed as the sun hadn't reached the gorge and it was chilly outside. Breakfast was served, prepared by Saro again, we had lavash, cheese, sour cream and jam as well as a tomato omelette. It tasted the same as the one at Haghpat but was more solid but a completely different texture from the ones we have at home. Saro insisted on washing up - apparently this is very unusual for Armenian men. I was wondering how many people might make it down to Lastiver for the day. We had chatted to someone from Yerevan the day before who had ... read more
The tunnel to caves
Marina and Saro
The flags of Armenia and Karabagh

Asia » Armenia » East » Ijevan September 21st 2012

An early start this morning - 8.30am. A change of battery and we were off to Lastiver with a quick stop at Ijevan to shop at the market. Lavash, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber and aubergine with cheese and yogurt. Quick stop to photograph Mother Armenia and then a steep climb up another twisting, rough road with a sheer drop on one side. I should be used to this by now. The road ends at a horse-riding school which looks a bit incongruous on the hillside. Once the walking boots were on, we set off down to the gorge. Saro had to wait for is friend Hovo who was going to take the jeep and put it in his garage. The path down to the river is pretty good apart from one bit where the path is ... read more
Watermelon car
Ijevan market
Path t Lastiver

Asia » Armenia » East » Ijevan September 20th 2012

Another late start - breakfast at 9am. The breakfast was similar to previous days, instead of conserve we had a really thick tasty honey. We had ordered a tomato omelette which was actually more like a soup with more tomato than egg - very unusual. Saro was still having battery trouble but managed to jump start the jeep again. He ordered a battery from Yerevan that is making its way to Ijevan by taxi, together with his wife. Our first visit was to Akhtala further down the gorge on the way towards the Georgian border. It is a very large cathedral - not the most attractive on the outside but amazing frescos on the inside. They are raising money to renovate the dome. There are secret passages in the church - Saro kept appearing at various ... read more

Asia » Armenia » East » Ijevan June 7th 2011

Hey everyone! Sorry we didn't write an entry yesterday- we were tired out after a day of travelling. Anyway yesterday we travelled to Yerevan, and on the way stopped at another beautiful monastery high upon a mountain. Today after we had breakfast, we went to visit the genocide museum, which really opened our eyes. We reccomend you read about the Armenian Genocide. Then we visited the Saryan museum. It is an amazing museum which holds the fascinating works of Saryan, an Armenian painter. Later in the day after a late lunch, we walked around Yerevan some more. We found the city really nice and loved the elegant architecture. We returned to the hotel after our long walk, and decided to settle down with a movie. -The Lost Tribe... read more
kids at monastery
kids at monastery 2
Monastery 2

Asia » Armenia » East » Ijevan June 5th 2011

Parev everyone! (-Alicja) Today was our last day in Dilijan. Yeterday we visited a wonderful monastery called Gosch. We also visited the lovely family that dad is renovating the house for. This morning as Dad set off for his last day of building, the rest of us went for ANOTHER art lesson! We were drawing some lilac flowers, which we will post later. :) Later in the day, we (me, mum, and the kids) braved th rain to go for a walk and get some lunch. After lunch we went to a pottery shop and then made our way to the orphanage. It was sad to say goodbye to the children who we had made such good friends with, but we will hopefully stay in touch. Then we met with dad in a beautiful monastery called ... read more
With the Habitat for Humanity Family

Asia » Armenia » East » Ijevan June 3rd 2011

Hi everybody, Emma here. Today after dad left for building we had just had a breakfast of eggs and pancakes. We were drawing and reading in our rooms. We slowly made our way to the restaurant where we were going to meet the orphans. We wandered around the market, being careful not to step in the huge puddles left from the rainshower in the early morning but of course it was too tempting!!! When we met the children at the resturant we played a variety of games, which were mostly inspired by yesterdays games, including about ten rounds of charades! After being stuffed with salads, kebabs, pork, ice-cream and cake. Unfortunately we looked out of the window and realized the weather channel really did live up to it's expectations as we saw rain and thunder coming ... read more
Emma's 'Leaning Tower of Oranges'
With the Kids
Lunch with the Kids

Asia » Armenia » East » Ijevan June 2nd 2011

Hi guys, Alicja here! Today we all got up bright and early (well.... at least dad!!!) for a yummy breakfast of crepes stuffed with mincemeat and coriander. Then, after dad left to build, the rest of us went for our second art lesson. It was great and we were drawing still life using special techniques, which, sadly, did not make our drawings look like Van Gogh but they were close enough! Later in the day, dad met up with us and we went for a fantastic lunch with some kids from the orphanage. We had a really fun time with loads of laughter, photo taking and playing games such as charades where we had to say the word in Armenian or English. We regretted to say goodbye, but we will see them again in a few ... read more
Narine and Tosia
Patrick and Sarkis
Emma and Lilith

Asia » Armenia » East » Ijevan June 1st 2011

Hi everybody! We'd like to start today's blog with a special mention to Grandpa Lou, it's his birthday! (Tsnundd shnorhavor in Armenian). We started our travels on Saturday, with a full day of travel. After flying to Armenia via Russia, we arrived at our hotel at eleven- but not too late for kebab. The next day we had a meeting with our organiser, which was followed by a visit to the lively Yerevan Market. After a fantastic lunch In a (unexpectedly) nice restaurant, we drove to Dilijan, the city we are spending our time in. We arrived just in time for a fantastic dinner of dolmas at our accommodation 'Dili villa' which we strongly reccomend. On Monday, we all began our first day of work. Dad had to get up earlier than everybody else because his ... read more

Asia » Armenia » East » Ijevan May 16th 2009

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