A Journey Back In Time

March 13th 2007
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My time in South America had come to an end. All that remained was to gather my things and walk down to the dock. I flashed my passport to the guard in the passenger terminal and he checked my name off of a passenger list, scanned my bags and said have a nice day as he directed me through the glass doors that led to the dock. It was easy to find my way from there, because the ship that would be... Read Full Entry

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Walking on Deception Island (6)Walking on Deception Island (6)
Walking on Deception Island (6)

Ice cycles on the ocean.
Deception Island Whaling Station (1)Deception Island Whaling Station (1)
Deception Island Whaling Station (1)

We had to be picked up by the Europa because the trail was blocked by ice. This is the view of the whaling station from the boat.
Deception Island Whaling Station (2)Deception Island Whaling Station (2)
Deception Island Whaling Station (2)

Some of the rusty equipment that has been left there. This one looked like R2-D2, only bigger and not as smart.
Deception Island Whaling Station (3)Deception Island Whaling Station (3)
Deception Island Whaling Station (3)

One of the ruined buildings.
Climbing up to Neptune's WindowClimbing up to Neptune's Window
Climbing up to Neptune's Window

I just liked this picture. It is a good example of Deception Island's landscape.
The Black Sand BeachThe Black Sand Beach
The Black Sand Beach

This was the black sand beach located at the base of the cliffs below Neptune's Window.

These fur seals were normally very aggressive, but this guy was sleepy and didn't even open his eyes.
When Skuas AttackWhen Skuas Attack
When Skuas Attack

These guys were fighting over something. There were a lot of these very aggressive birds on Deception Island.
The Dutch Sailing ShipThe Dutch Sailing Ship
The Dutch Sailing Ship

A view of the Europa as she waited for us to return at Deception Island. Once we were all on board, we headed out of Neptune's Bellows and set sail for the north.
Under a Canopy of SailsUnder a Canopy of Sails
Under a Canopy of Sails

We set sail for the north and headed accross the southern Ocean. Next stop South Georgia.

23rd April 2007

Hi Uncle Keith
Hey Keith-this is great-love the pictures-Griffin is going to take them to school and show his class where his cool uncle is. Hope you are safe and having a great time! We are with you in spirit! :-)
23rd April 2007

Animal Encounters
Where else in the world could you see eye to eye with a whale or be mistaken for a very large penguin by a leopard seal? Amazing pictures, son. Stay safe.
24th April 2007

Sounds like quite an adventure...Impressive pictures!
25th April 2007

Co-worker of your Mother
Keith, we here at work have all followed your journey and prayed for your safe return. We have enjoyed seeing parts of the world with you through your eyes. What a wonderful experience and you are truly blessed to have been able to experience. We are all envious! Stay well.
10th May 2007

Hi Keith, Greetings from India! It's great to see you are back to writing your journal again. Fantastic pictures as always - especially loved the reflections on Paradise Harbour. I almost feel like I'm travelling with you through those weird landscapes. Keep writing... you're an inspiration :))
5th June 2007

I hate you, your pictures are too good...
All your pictures are first class! Its like you can take no wrong... Thanks for sharing!!
18th October 2008

amazing trip! inspiring. travel safe.
31st October 2008

I have an account here as well and I saw your picture on the top of the page and I was stuned! I just have a question- how old was that boat that you were on there?! Looks fantastic!
31st October 2008

The Europa
The Europa started her life as the light ship Senator Brock back in 1911 on the river Elbe in Germany.
3rd November 2008

Hey there- I went to Antarctica a fews years back and fell in love with it. I have always thought of going to work and live there for a bit. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions to get em started. How did you get there? How long were you there and what was your job?
6th November 2008

Working in Antarctica
When I was working down there I got there by flying from New Zealand down to 'The Ice' on a big Air Force Reserve plane, which landed on an ice runway. I was there for nine months through the long, dark winter and my job was field engineer for a construction project. It was a lot of fun. Let me know if you have any other questions.
29th April 2009

Was there a couple of years back thanx for the memories
25th December 2010
Neko Harbor

Stunning Photo
One feels as if they could just walk into the picture.
9th February 2011
The Whales Return

Beautiful pic; whales return
I am new to TB but this pic is stunning. Antartica? Wow...I plan on looking at the rest of your pics! playagal Sally
25th February 2011
The South Shetland Islands

Incredible pictures. Have always wanted to go to the poles. Thanks for posting your voyage. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
27th July 2012
The Ghost Ship

Beautiful photo
Great photo - looks like the ship is entombed in the ice. *Goosebumps*

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