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February 8th 2009
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right there a few missing places before this but i'll get back to them Previously Alan Tom and Hannah were waiting with bated breath in Ushuaia hoping the could get cheap passages to Antarctica and then finally they were off - having partied for the previous two nights til 6 I didn't get my act together to get drink in for the cruise - couldn't even look at it 😉 Had drunk dialled Dee whe... Read Full Entry

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22nd February 2009

Love the photos
Hi Al Really great photos. I heard you finally lost that old camera. Or was it nicked? Sounds like you had a WHALE of a time there! How come you didn't go ice diving? It's something Ray always says he'd like to do, yet the Med is too cold for him to get wet in winter!!! How do we get to see the rest of your adventures? And when are you coming back to see us in Spain? We miss you.
22nd February 2009

Surely Alan you took these photos from a book hmmm????? Unbelievable!! keep them coming! :-)
28th February 2009

Hey Bro, how the craic? Your looking Bril...FAT!!! your only supposed to look at the whales not eat them and whats with the George Clooney wanna be beard...I had a job convincing your nephews that yes that is your uncle Alan in the pictures!! mind you when Con heard your squeal jumping into the ice pool he said "yep, thats sound like Uncle Alan alrigh, the big girl"..He He, Bless him. Stay safe, miss U lots. Love Liz
3rd March 2009

Wonderful Pictures
hi Alan Catherine showed me your photos today at work!! They are amazing. On my lap top now showing them to my daughter Orla and son Darragh. We all want to go there!!
6th March 2009

this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo prettuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyyyyy kool
17th March 2009

fellow passengers
Hi Alan, enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading your travel blog. I can't beleive we've been back over a month now. I finally have all my pictures on CD's, DVD's and printed out. I put the DVD the ship gave us on CD's but haven't got them printed yet. Our local newspaper did an artical on our trip and I'll be showing the DVD's at a couple of our elementry schools. I certainly hope everyone had as an incredible time as Larry and I did. It was a perfect vacation!!!!!
25th March 2009

Stunning! Absolutely wonderful. The world really is a beautiful place when there's no humans to f*ck it up :) I could look at these photos all day. Hugs xx

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