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November 10th 2011
Published: January 27th 2012
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driving the big toys...driving the big toys...driving the big toys...

Driving the big Challenger tractor out on the Ice Road, hauling a load. not my regular tasking, but a little heavy metal R&R, having some fun and working at the same time.
Apologies again, this is a Nov 2011 post before leaving The Ice that I never got around to finishing/publishing- so now catching up! and almost there! -thanks for taking a look!

Originaly scheduled to leave Mcmurdo Station in early Oct i was extended till early Nov/11 But I greatly enjoyed the transition from summer to winter to full summer again(no other seasons here!) the sun is up, the sun is down-thats it. The pics are mostly from that few weeks extra, and just some shots around 'town' -rather than of penguins and seals. Getting on that C-17 flight off the Ice, I didnt know if I would ever see Antarctica again, none of us ever really do despite our plans. Its still a very wild and unpredictable place-and life is too. So each time I leave it is with new friends, amazing memories, and just one more last glance out the window,

just in case. ................

next stop: New Zealand South Island and the Rail Trail!

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with the summer in swing, we headed out to do some carving and enjoy the warm(er) weather out there. (pic by coworker sean)
tower sitting!tower sitting!
tower sitting!

sitting on the radio tower, watching the penguins, Cape Royds Antarctica Nov 2011-pic by ben
Sort and Re-cycle!Sort and Re-cycle!
Sort and Re-cycle!

At Mcmurdo, we do our part to recycle everything, even these things!
Seals on the Sea IceSeals on the Sea Ice
Seals on the Sea Ice

checking out the Weddell Seals basking in the spring sun, 10F and theyre loving it !
Mcmurdo StationMcmurdo Station
Mcmurdo Station

Mcmurdo Station, Nov 2012-from the helicopter, a few days before I left.
Barne glacier Barne glacier
Barne glacier

the 'Ice tongue' of the Barne Glacier juts into the sea, albiet a frozen one. The glacier comes down from the Mighty Mt Erebus Volcano not far from our station.

I hadnt ice skated in 35 years; while out repairing a solar panel, we found some old skates, and a frozen pond-and I could still do it-perfect!

as the song says, 'sign sign everywhere a sign' literaly in the middle of nowhere I see this.
Ice Station ZebraIce Station Zebra
Ice Station Zebra

actually Cape Royds field camp, penguin studies and explorer Ernest Shackletons old camp-hadnt been here in 11 years, nothings changed either, which is great!
co-worker/Ice resident seanco-worker/Ice resident sean
co-worker/Ice resident sean

winter is over and summer is here, we were out for a hike ann snowboard session.
Capt Robert Falcon Scotts Hut Capt Robert Falcon Scotts Hut
Capt Robert Falcon Scotts Hut

just outside of Mcmurdo, we walk by it all the time, but its a huge part of Antarticas human history. , its just as it was left 100 years ago, still waiting for the doomed Scott party to return
scotts hut windowscotts hut window
scotts hut window

view out the window of Scotts Hut, the same window they looked out of amost exactly 100 years ago, while preparing the ill fated trip to the South Pole
Urinal ArtUrinal Art
Urinal Art

all over the station, the male urinals are waterless, saves water but the plastic caps are fun to write on with all sorts of comments...each one unique...
pig washpig wash
pig wash

the folks at science construction have a lot of creativity, even better they are allowed to run with it. I had the pleasure of working with them for 3 weeks. PIG actually is an acronym but more fun this way
carp shopcarp shop
carp shop

the carpentry shop-a classic building in Mcmurdo, like an old country store wiht all sorts of ecclectic stuff!
super -nukersuper -nuker
super -nuker

my favorite microwave! out at the airfiled cafe, old and built like bank vault, it really does heat in seconds, perfect when its 40 below outside ..who cares if you get zapped by a few rads....long as the soups hot!
Blg 210Blg 210
Blg 210

yes, ugly as hell and built in Hawaii-(for Antarctica!,) Its my first choice as a dorm to live in. Ive spent two years in this building, Home sweet Home!
Daisy Picking!Daisy Picking!
Daisy Picking!

Ah summer in Mactown, snows gone(mostly) and time for the community daisy picking! (grounds cleanup) all the lost stuff frozen under snow and ice-amazing what you find....

Mcmurdo Alternative Arts Gathering, Guild etc? anyway its the MAAG, anything goes, the rules are suspended for one eve, lots of fun and lots of cool acts, art, and gadgets.
electric cars in Antarctica!electric cars in Antarctica!
electric cars in Antarctica!

the new age in antarctica--electric vehicles, wind turbines, solar power--now if the rest of the world would join in!

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