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October 23rd 2010
Published: October 23rd 2010
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I've got the money back from my now unnecessary flight from Hawaii to Japan and spent it on a trip to Greece. For the cost of a one way flight from Honolulu to Tokyo I got a return flight to Athens and four days in a five star hotel in the city centre. Go figure! Off on 1 November and will update from the birthplace of Western civilisation and culture.


24th October 2010

given up on the hostels then!
25th October 2010

'Fraid so. I'm a sucker for 5 star. The place even has a swimming pool!
27th October 2010

Thougt you were backpacking round the worl, now found out you are just going on about 6 years of holidays in 1 go. Still am sure you are enjoying it and ewon't mind not goingt away again until 2017
29th October 2010

Well I was trying to do something humongus but then I realised it was humongus for humongus' sake, rather than what I actually wanted to do. But hey, true freedom is the freedom to be wrong. :)

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