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November 3rd 2010
Published: November 3rd 2010
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I had a fantastic day yesterday. I'm like a kid in a sweetshop with all this ancient stuff. Trouble is, I really don't have much time for blogging. Only got two days left and loads to do. I've uploaded some photos, they will have to do for now.

Oh, and I've caught a cold. I've gone 5 star 3 times in my life and caught a cold twice. Something tells me they don't want oiks like me in these posh establishments. 😊

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Hadrian's ArchHadrian's Arch
Hadrian's Arch

Built to divide the old Greek city from the new Roman one. And still standing 2200 years later. Those Romans built to last!
What a relief!What a relief!
What a relief!

This was from a 5th century BC house.
My lunchMy lunch
My lunch

This was called Beer Appetiser Platter. It was huge! Note the piece of cheese in the beer. A Greek tradition apparently.
Alter to DionysusAlter to Dionysus
Alter to Dionysus

Not sure what you sacrifice to the God of Revelry, but he's not having my beer!
Ancient Atnenian LegoAncient Atnenian Lego
Ancient Atnenian Lego

So that's how they built those temples.
Sprinting TortoiseSprinting Tortoise
Sprinting Tortoise

He was just hanging around the Acropolis. In the old days they'd have scooped him out and used him as a lyre.
Theatre of DionysusTheatre of Dionysus
Theatre of Dionysus

They started doing plays here in the 6th century BC. It felt great to just sit there.
Looking up at the PropylaiaLooking up at the Propylaia
Looking up at the Propylaia

The Gateway to the city at the top of the Acropolis.
The ParthenonThe Parthenon
The Parthenon

Where democratic meetings were first held. Who would have believed it would lead to the ConDem coalition?
The CaryatidsThe Caryatids
The Caryatids

These are actually concrete casts as the originals are either in the Acropolis museum or, you guessed it, the British Museum. Either way, I fancy them.
The AreopagusThe Areopagus
The Areopagus

Originally held the tombs of kings. Now covered in students.
The Temple of HephaestosThe Temple of Hephaestos
The Temple of Hephaestos

Haven't been there yet but this is a lovely shot, if I do say so myself.
No singing on the Acropolis...No singing on the Acropolis...
No singing on the Acropolis...

...or you will be punished! :)

3rd November 2010

Looking at the pictures, I really could have sat at some of those places for absolutely ages, feeling and thinking about life and feeling quite humble I must admit. Beautiful architecture, in wonder of how they ever managed such a build at that time, and just chilling. That lunch looked huge did you really eat it all? And I agree, I don't get the cheese in the wine?! By the way, sorry about the cold thing, as I've had it for seven weeks, I hope you didn't it it from me! xx
3rd November 2010

Good stuff!
You've made Athens look very appealing :) If you're going to be in the UK on Saturday the 13th of November then drop me an email...

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