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February 16th 2015
Published: February 16th 2015
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On Sunday we were taken around by Daniel the son of Alison our hostess. He was a trooper and got us what seems like everywhere. We saw so much awe inspiring scenery And we Saw about 50 Warning signs BABOONS! But actual baboons seen ... Zero. Disappointing. We saw small groups of Pelicans - this is the mating season and they are highly protected. Still they are so sweet.... Surprisingly small though. The African Pelican is only about 20" tall. We wanted to get to the top of Table Mountain but the wind was too strong.

Here are some of the photos of our Sunday drive. And a map of the Cape so you can spot where the trail took us. Claremont is the start point.....

It's nearly midnight now and I have an early start tomorrow... So I have to leave here before finishing my photo page. I will be back!

Tuesday afternoon.... Carnival Tuesday in port of Spain, no less. Just back from an awesome township tour which I will never forget and will report on. Still a full day behind on my reports ... Off to a braie or barbecue in a few
Daniel and AlisonDaniel and AlisonDaniel and Alison

at the foot of Table Mountain
minutes. But I have finished the photo upload for Sunday's peninsula tour. No labels!

Additional photos below
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Lions Head part of the towering mountain formations overlooking Cape TownLions Head part of the towering mountain formations overlooking Cape Town
Lions Head part of the towering mountain formations overlooking Cape Town

there is Table Mountain, Lions Head, Devils Peak and the Twelve Apostles
Looking down on the city from the mountainsLooking down on the city from the mountains
Looking down on the city from the mountains

strong breeze and hot sun. The city is as windy as Chicago with constant breeze blowing in from off shore
World Cup stadiumWorld Cup stadium
World Cup stadium

they say at the start of the games there was a euphoric high being felt throughout the city.

they say its a township, we call it a slum. Daniel gave us a short drive through one township which has a large Pan African population from neighbouring countries
A very good network of roads and highways A very good network of roads and highways
A very good network of roads and highways

getting around is easy as the roads are in very good shape., the legacy of those unmentionable days.
Motorbikes and cyclistsMotorbikes and cyclists
Motorbikes and cyclists

the road surfaces may be good but the roads are winding, steep and busy with cars. Not exactly welcome news to two wheeled vehicles but there were dozens of them using the coast roads.
Township Township

This could so easily be mistaken for the Beetham

17th February 2015

What a wonderful trip. Busy here but following you all the way. Keep the photos coming. Have the BEST time, ladies! Enjoy EVERY single minute...Bless,
17th February 2015

Great photos.
17th February 2015

A friend of mine spent 3 months touring South & South West Africa last year in a camper with her husband, had very different tales to tell of baboons. So watch out it's early days for you yet.
18th February 2015

Everyone keeps telling me the baboons are real and I will def see them. And Table Mountain is just as elusive because the winds or mist have to be right I.e. Absent ... for the cable ride to operate. Today we hoped to go but it's a windy overcast morning. Maybe tomorrow.
17th February 2015

Lovely images, vivid colours. Looks like fun! Do they eat their fish and chips with vinegar as in the UK ... or ketchup à la US?
17th February 2015

SA trip
Some nice scenery, keep it coming!

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