Day 18. Drotskys

September 4th 2012
Published: September 6th 2012
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We all got out of bed quite early because we had booked a boat for the day for fishing and bird watching. The fishing was amazing with everyone catching at least 1 fish with the exception of me, I cauaght nothing. The strangest thing that happened was that Dylan and Dad had caught barbell (catfish) with a Rapala(that we found floating in the zambzi river while on the house boats) which nobody had ever heard off before. We headed back to camp for lunch, a beer and an ice cold swim which was amazing due to the fact that it was so hot. At 14:00 we made our way back to the boat and continued to fish and bird watch. After an eventful fishing session that involved a lot more fish getting caught and a lot more swearing(from adrian) due to constantly getting stuck in the reeds. After a long day we were all eager to get to bed after a supper consisting of a juicy beef fillet and some vegetables and potatoes.
P.S.-If anybody is coming to Drotskys in the future, please can you bring a couple of tennis balls for maggie the resident golden retriever because the only toy she has to play with is empty water bottles and rocks.She would greatly appreciate it.


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