July 20th 2010
Published: July 24th 2010
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Today was a very good day we went to Imozzar, which is a place up in the mountains, where the weather is much cooler we went to the park there. The pictures include a paddle boat ride 2 dollars and you can go all the way down the river and back! Horse ride 2 dollars for both kids!

1. I love the fact that you can talk to children and children come up to talk to you and nobody freaks out. Parents & kids are not afraid of strangers.

2. I loved the fact that people here are making a living at the park for very reasonable prices. A little girl sold us large mat for our family to sit on for the day and served us all tea for 2 dollars. People where out selling all kinds of stuff- hand woven picnic baskets and bread baskets, all different food and drinks, for sale- they brought out their grills and pans and sold popcorn. Bottles of soda that were to be sold later where being kept cool in the natural spring water that made up the river of sorts that kids where playing in.

3. Imozzar has dark green taxis

4. We all ate at a restaurant 6 of us: 2 orders of kefta with rice and french fries, 1 rotisserie chicken with rice and french fries, pancreas (aunt ordered it its pretty good pancreas stuffed with seasoned meat) -6 sodas, and a salad- 15 dollars! love it!


Morrocans watch a lot of tv, all time spent in the house is watching tv. the tv is on all waking hours. Everyone has a satellite dish no matter how poor. We were invited over to dinner we ate then we were invited to watch tv. Every house you go into people are sitting watching tv, BORING!!!!!! my husband and I made excuses and left leaving behind my father-in-law and aunt who stayed there about 8 hours watching tv! We dont even have a TV in our home back in the states Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

Most Morrocans dress traditionally not islamically so even when they wear hijab it is for tradition not religion. and many of their traditional jilbabs leave either arms, legs, or both exposed. Its a strange sight to see older women in hijab yet their teenage or older daughters maybe in street clothes, bikinis, or whatever. The tradition is you wear hijab when you get married.

My husbands cousins ex husband, who my husband never met requested that he come to visit my husband. I find this totally weird. Why?

I love that there are mosques everywhere and you can pray anywhere and people dont look at you like you have 10 heads.

I love that women can wear Nikab and people dont look at you like your crazy.

I love the fact that you can walk the streets at 1:00 in the morning and people are outside who arent drunk or high or looking to shoot you, they are just hanging out.

Typical wake up time 11:00 am breakfast lunch is at 4:00 pm and dinner is at 12:30 am MIDNIGHT!!

I hate that restaurants might not serve whats pictured on the menu, they tell you we dont have that its just for decoration, or how about when my husband and a friend went out to lunch and they went to a restaurant and the Maitre d told him he couldn't serve him then because the cook and all the waiters went swimming, but if he waited for an hour or so they should be back.

How about this in a restaurant my husband asks for a menu to look at the drink list.
Husband: I will have a mango juice
Waitress: We dont have that
Husband: Well what do you have?
waitress: we have everything else listed there
Husband: How about a lemonade
Waitress: We dont have that
Husband: Ill take a tonic
Waitress: We dont have that
Waitress: I have coke & sprite
Husband: Ill take a coke
Husbands Friend (smart): Ill have a tea
Waitress brings him coffee

Everything kind of goes like this in Morrocco, You have to have a lot of patience and time.

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27th July 2010

This Imozer place although through pictures has a calming effect on me, I like it :)
27th July 2010
Imozzer 039

oohhh you really need to blow this up when you come home and make a wall hanging! I LOVE IT! I think we need to do this at home, nani, mine, yours and Asiyahs! OHHHHHHHH :) Wouldn"t that be loverly!
27th July 2010
Imozzer 040

ok let's see, the top one looks like eid, then Faris, Hasham, Wadia...I can't make out the two to the right. What a cool cake!
27th July 2010
Imozzer 041

awwww LOL
27th July 2010
Imozzer 031

BEAUTIFUL! :) Your eyes are all lit up w/happiness and awe!
29th July 2010
Imozzer 031

If you cover your face from your nose down and just look at your eyes, you"ll see your father! I never realized that you look like your father, in the eyes anyway...the rest is definately mother, dontcha think?
30th July 2010

So, now you all are in Casablanca right? I'm thinking that everyones emotions will be very sensitive :( It's difficult leaving loved ones, isn't it. Gee, I hope no one goes through any kind of separation anxiety! lol Please give our salaams and love once again to the family. Tell them that we wish them a Ramadhan Mubarak in every sense. We pray for a safe and easy trip home for you guys...FiAmmanAllah! BIG HUGS!

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