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January 5th 2010
Published: January 5th 2010
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The morning of New Years Eve, I went into work. The day before when Mrs Kumdana had helped me move into my new accommodation, she mentioned that we were only supposed to have Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years day off. Before Christmas the Malawi government had granted all the civil servants time off until the 4th, I think this is why people were confused and I was told to come back to work the Monday after New Years. Luckily it was only a half day so at lunch time I made my way back to the house. In the afternoon I got a nice surprise with a phone call from home via Skype, it was great to be able to speak to people (even if the line kept cutting out).
In the evening I went out. I started in Doogles (I’m a fan of it on FB) this is a back-packers lodge near the bus station where I’d been told Ex-pats met up (however the last few times I’d been it had been dead). When I was there on Christmas day to use the internet, I got speaking to one of the managers, he told me that on Tuesdays and Thursdays there was a happy hour, so it got busy then and I should come along. I was supposed to be meeting with Daryl (from the Dee and Tee lodge) but I couldn’t get hold of him. When I arrived I got talking to an English guy and a South African that now live in Malawi, they were a laugh, they had been playing golf (by the sound of it with dubious success) earlier in the day and had come straight from there, so were still wearing golf gear. They introduced me to Jennifer, an English lass, that had moved out here two years ago to take a job after her year out. She introduced me to 4 of her mates, who invited me to go with them to a club called Twiga’s for 12:00. After a bumpy trip in the back of a 4x4, we arrived at Twiga’s and on the door presented with a mask. The New Year went off with fireworks, balloons from the ceiling, and dancing with the DJ (even if no two clocks or watches could agree on the time). A little later it was suggested we move onto Mustang Sally’s, another bar/club in Napari (near to where I was staying with the Kumdana’s) however on the way the car I was in ran into the side of the road, bursting one of the front tires, the other car continued on and I guess went onto Sally’s as I didn’t see them after that. After changing the tire, I was dropped off at Studio K, where after goodbyes and wishes of a good New Year, I made my way back to the house. Before going to bed I sent home texts wishing people a happy new year but due to Zain’s unpredictability I’m unsure of how many got through (but the thought was there).
I had a good night, I’m glad I was able to get to meet people and was invited to go out with them otherwise it could have been a lonely night.



6th January 2010

New Year
Sounds like you had fun :o) We stayed in and watched films on TV with Colin Firth in, I think Dad was a bit bored!!!!! Love Mum x

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