Another note from a student

March 16th 2009
Published: March 16th 2009
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Today I received another note from one of my 5th grade students:
Dear Aunty Jaymie,
I love how you teach us. I love the french and it is also difficult to do. Please forgive me all my mistakes. Please I will not do that again from today. I love to learn it. I love the fun you spend with us especially the slip 'N' slide and the card games you make for us to learn sentences. If you go to your country I will miss you. I love love you, Aunty Jaymie, more than all the other volunteers.
Yours sincerly
Yours faithful
Yours love
From your daughter Mary

Needless to say - I love these kids so so much and its going to be very hard for me to leave them in 2 months!


16th March 2009

How amazing to have that kind of love and appreciation. I am so happy for you Jay. What a great experience. You better come home!! I miss you. :)
17th March 2009

Seeing the love and friendship you generate at home this is no shock. We kinda love you that much too !!

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