Rest Day - Day 18

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November 1st 2008
Published: November 6th 2008
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Avoiding fliesAvoiding fliesAvoiding flies

Horses show us how to avoid flies!
We came to an unanimous decision that it was time we had a day of rest. So we did nothing today, other than enjoy relaxing in the attractive campsite.

We were awakened by four horses around or cars, horses which we presumed were kept to provide riding safaris for punters. They roamed pretty freely around the dam and visited us at dawn. Of course those amongst us with a real love for horses were up and about like a shot and all four animals were treated to carrots for breakfast. They all four then moved into the verandah of the laundry facility, we realised they did this to get away from the flies.

Once the horses had gone and we had finished breakfast we ourselves moved onto the same verandah where it was fly-free (relatively), and cooler (a bit), than under the trees.

Meanwhile we had some car problems. Ian’s car’s gearbox is making some funny noises and he wants to get this diagnosed once we get to Francistown. The inverter fixed into my car has packed up, which is a real bore as it restricts my use of the laptop to a very short period before the
Horses out!Horses out!Horses out!

Avoiding flies in the laundry area
battery goes flat. Nor can we charge all sorts of things like camera batteries and tooth brushes. Sounds trivial, but it is very irritating. Hopefully I might find a replacement in Francistown.

But we all enjoyed the rest and an evening walk around the dam provided good birding for Ian, Chris and Camilla. I, on the other hand, assembled my fly rod and lashed the waters of the dam trying to tempt the bass. The locals had been doing it all day with their floats and worms, but I wanted to try the fly. Sadly the tip of my rod broke after a short while and so that was that. The moon was a bit brighter and a bit later tonight, but looking beautiful. We look forward to Botswana tomorrow, if for no other reason than we are getting short of some vital supplies - gin, tonic, beer, (we are completely out of wine) and - oh yes - water.


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