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October 30th 2008
Published: November 6th 2008
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Because it gets so hot so quickly during the day we started early at the Gt Zimbabwe ruins. Both Camilla and I commented that the nearest thing we had seen to this site was Machu Pichu in Peru. Numerous stone walls built within a circular wall which, at its base’ was 6 metres thick, and 4 metres thick at the top. To me, the surprise was that there was so much left of a civilisation which went back to the 11 Century. Towering over the site was a wonderful kopje, itself covered in the remains of battlements and buildings. We climbed to the top and looked down on the Zimbabwe main site. Hopefully the photographs we eventually hope to attach to this will show it more clearly than I can describe.

We arrived in Bulawayo after lunch and had a cursory drive around the city. In much the same way as Harare we thought Bulawayo was great. Wide streets (made wide, I believe, so that a span of oxen could make a U turn in one go) and of course the flame trees were as picturesque as they have been throughout Zim. Lots of well built old buildings, very attractive, and everyone very helpful and kind. We called in at the National Parks office, as our guide book advised us to do, so that we could book our campsite in the Mataposo Park, which is renowned for its profusion of bird life. We were told it was not necessary. We camped the night in the Municipal Park site. We had the place to ourselves and the luxury of as much hot water in the showers as we wanted! And the price was but 5 dollars per head.


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