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May 1st 2017
Published: June 24th 2017
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Got to the campsite and there was a Welcome Robert and Laura sign on Campsite #7 which had reserved once we had bought our tickets. Got our tent set up, showered and headed over to the main restaurant for dinner and to see who was still around!

The Typical Day at Wildlife Camp
After a night of the sounds of hippos, lions, owls, elephants, and ground hornbill we are usually awake by 5:30am to go fix a cup of coffee and sit out in front of our campsite and see what wildlife is up and moving about. This year because of the abundance of water, we saw quite a bit of bird life up and moving around. Some of the pleasant sightings were the ground hornbills and the yellow-billed stork. Lots of different wildlife over the days but because there is so much water, many of the larger animals are not coming down to the river for water but it is still nice to just sit and see what does appear.
Before the sun gets to high, we do our exercise walk over to the chalets, and back along the edge of the campsite to the end of Barefoot tents and check out what we can see. Usually do two to three loops and some stretching and yoga in the chalet area before going to fix breakfast.

On some days, the vegetable salesmen come and bring fresh veggies for us to buy. What an assortment they bring. Lettuce, rockets, spinach, rape(village greens), tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers, squash, pumpkin, eggplants,potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, onions, spring onions, chives, basil, and Zambian ground nuts. We manage to get to the Mayana frozen meat store two to three times while we are at the camp and have gotten tilapia, mince(ground meat) and boerwars(sausage) and feta cheese so we do pretty well for ourselves as far as fixing meals. When we were in Lusaka and Chipata we had bought some rice, and noodles and a few sauce mixes so we were pretty well set!

Some days we wash clothes, visit with other campers or work on our travel blog. Of course cooking does take up some part of our day. Because it is hot during the day and by 4:30 in the afternoon the sun is coming into our lapa(thatched shelter) we try to cook everything for lunch and dinner and just quickly reheat and make the salad to lessen the time in the kitchen at that time of the day.

Dinner is at our campsite with the sun setting over the Luangwa river and is quite spectacular. Of course repellent is applied and the night sounds begin. Depending on who is in camp, we either sit and visit with other campers or go to the bar and visit with the bartender on duty and if there is an overland truck visit with some of the overlanders.

Additional photos below
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looking for leopards here every morninglooking for leopards here every morning
looking for leopards here every morning

this is the national park side of the river and we have seen leopard coming to drink on our last visits to Wildlife Camp
fishermen at the riverfrontfishermen at the riverfront
fishermen at the riverfront

along with the crocodiles and other hazards

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