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June 7th 2012
Published: June 7th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Today we will let our pictures tell the story...

Additional photos below
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7th June 2012

On work and play and memories
Well you guys teared me up for the second time in 2 days! (altho if you ask Sean and Ev, it doesn't take much . . . ). It is wonderful beyond words reading/seeing of your adventures and your giving and your playing with bros and sis's from another continent! My thoughts and heart were with all of you, but especially you 'returnees' with your return to Hidden Voice today (a place of much fun and bonding with Manny and Gus. . . ). Much love and peace and joy and thanks for the blog entries! KJ/Mike
7th June 2012

hidden voice
Lots of smiles! Looks like the school got a new covered patio. Thinking of you all - all the time! If you're still on schedule...have fun with the crocs tmw. Be sure to taste the croc meat - tastes like chicken :)
7th June 2012

Experience of a Lifetime!
Wow - I'm so happy for you all to be with these children - how incredible. The pictures bring tears to my eyes. So proud of you all !!!!!!!
7th June 2012
Pure joy

Love his smile!
A smile like that only comes from "Prue Joy"!
7th June 2012

Great Pics
It is wonderful to see Hidden Voice again through your pictures. I wish l were there. You guys are doing a great job blogging. We miss you all, but we're so glad you're having such an incredible experience and making a big difference. Say hi to Fathers Patrick and James. Love you guys.
8th June 2012

You are right. The pictures can tell a great story. What an unbelievable journey you guys are on!
8th June 2012

Pretty Awesome guys. You guys look like you are really doing some good work - the grins on everyone's faces tells it all. Keep the pics coming - this is so cool to read!
9th June 2012

WOW! Love the pictures and seeing/hearing the great work you are doing with the children at the school. I know you are the bright spot in their lives. This is our last night in Boston. Heading home tomorrow with some great memories of good times. Love to all!! Carol

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