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July 16th 2011
Published: July 23rd 2011
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Victoria FallsVictoria FallsVictoria Falls

A view of the falls from the Zambian side
As you approach the Zambia/Zimbabwe boarder you can see spray lifting into the atmosphere. The deafening sound of thunder echoes through the canyon as you glimpse the falls though the mist. As you reach for your camera an unexpected downpour causes it to malfunction. You try to run for cover as another downpour leaves you soaking wet. You soon realise dodging downpour’s is a fine art in Zambia as you visit the 7th Natural Wonder Of The World - The Victoria Falls.

The falls are stunning, the sound is deafening, and the spray is cold. Rainbows form in the mist while baboons try to steal your belongings. Warthogs roll around in the mud as you carefully walk along the slippery pathways. For a moment the mist clears and you stand there in awe. You soon realise why it’s the 7th Natural Wonder of the world - It’s like looking into a dream.

As you walk along Knife Edge Bridge, you laugh at the Japanese tourists trying to use umbrellas. You soon realise its pointless renting a waterproof jacket as the spray hits you from every direction. As you take off your jacket your senses go into overload as you
Top of the fallsTop of the fallsTop of the falls

Me at the top of the falls - Zambian side
try to take in the sights and sounds as another downpour hits you hard. You begin to shiver from the ice cold water while your jaw aches from gritting your teeth. You continue onwards, driven by the chance of capturing that perfect photo.

Hiking down to the Boiling Pot while dodging the confident baboons is truly a memorable experience. Climbing across the rocks and chilling out at an unofficial view point gives you a breath-taking side on view of the falls. Hearing the screams of people jumping from the world’s second highest bungee jump is enough to give you butterflies while you watch others attempt zip lines, gorge swings and abseiling against a spectacular backdrop.

Visiting the Victoria Falls from the Zambian side takes an entire day. During full moon, hang around until nightfall and hide in the national park for an hour until the gates reopen to ensure you don’t have to pay to witness the miraculous Lunar Rainbow.

After visiting both sides of falls, my preference is towards the Zambian side. Taking an entire day to explore the three main pathways along the front, bottom and across the top of the second gorge is stunning.
Unofficial View PointUnofficial View PointUnofficial View Point

Chilling out at the bottom of the falls - Zambian Side.
You truly get a feel for the size and power of the Victoria Falls. At $10USD less than Zimbabwe’s National Park entrance fee and requiring more time to explore, it also better value for money.

The Zimbabwe side gives you more stunning photos. With spectacular rainbows forming in the mist, you stand looking into a dream world, but with trees covering the views, it’s difficult to comprehend the size and power of the falls. If you decide to view from that side, expect to pay $55 for another visa, and carry some small change to bribe the police when they ask for a present!

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A Dream Scape ViewA Dream Scape View
A Dream Scape View

A stunning view from the second gorge on the Zambian Side
Amazing view of the fallsAmazing view of the falls
Amazing view of the falls

You get rainbows on the Zimbabwe side of the falls.

Another view point from Zimbabwe
Lunar RainbowLunar Rainbow
Lunar Rainbow

My best attempt at capturing the Lunar Rainbow over victoria falls - Zambian Side.
Waterfall ComparisonWaterfall Comparison
Waterfall Comparison

Answer to the most common question I keep getting asked!

23rd July 2011

I enjoy reading about your travels
Very nice rainbow.
4th August 2011

It's good to find an article about people who travels in Africa... It would be my first to travel in Zambia and just wanted to know if it's possible to ask questions from you ?
5th August 2011

Yes fire away
5th August 2011

Yes fire away
18th September 2012

Majestic falls!
I never realized how little I know about this country till I visited Zambia. enjoyed reading your blog, and knowing the Zambian side is more value for money. I didn't have the chance to cross to view the Falls from the Zimbabwe side. Saved me the $55! But I'm jealous you hiked down to Boiling Point. The photo from the 2 nd gorge is incredible!
18th September 2012
Top of the falls

Nice shot!
Exactly where is this?

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