B is for boda boda...

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July 9th 2012
Published: July 11th 2012
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B is for boda boda...

Ok this was supposed to be published on Monday so I cheated and back-dated it. Things are fine and good in Kasese, we are safe and smiling every day. I had a few interesting experiences and promise to blog as often as I can but the internet is a tad unpredictable here.

Of all the sounds I thought might permeate our daily life here in Uganda the thrum and hum of a motorcycle would not have been one I would have picked...although of course it is not one that bother me!! lol... I was shocked to learn that none of the Canadian team members have used one of these as a taxi so I rectified that situation on Sunday. We went up to the International Springs Hotel, aka The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, to view the site for our upcoming PD session this Friday. Needless to say, the African tea was amazing but the hotel...not so much. The boda boda ride up and back was the absolute highlight as two muzungus (what the locals call us) double up and ride regualrly (not side-saddlelike all the local women) caused quite a stir. We are quite an anomaly but one that is welcomed with shy smiles and waves....and some caution on the part of both parties.

I have had the living daylights scared out of me by 2 Kamikazi cockroaches and ended up in Meagan's bed under her mosquito netting while she ad Carrie chased the damn thing around the bathroom as I tried to control my hyperventilation. lol...its not that they're scary, they are just fast and really startling when they dart out at you!

Rwentutu is an amazing little school and the children are just as sweet and warm-hearted as I had hoped. I will write more of my adventures in "Baby"and "Middle" class which is our preschool/junior Kindergarten. It is fun! I brought out a puppet and the kids had never seen one. One little one was so frightened at first she almost fell backwards over her bench! They have named this crazy blue Bert and Ernie Bert-like guy Blue and they love him.

One final parting thought before I hand the laptop to Meag... big or small, old or young, everyone loves a rubber chicken. :O) Pictures to follow...


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