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January 22nd 2011
Published: January 22nd 2011
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So here I am in Uganda, the final leg of my East Africa tour.

Arrival at the airport was the usual African mayhem, everyone was queuing at the something to declare aisle and no one was going through the nothing to declare aisle, I said to Mike well come on lets just go through. he said NO there is something not right here - lets just join the queue. Of course no one in the world queues as good as us brits do they? so everyone was pushing in and bumping each other - it was a nightmare. It turned out that they were making everyone get scanned before entry to the country due to the somali bombs in July 2010.

Well that had been the biggest waste of 30 minutes that I would never get back! I put my suitcase through the scanner but kept my backpack on my back and my handbag and bottle of water with me and walked throught the body scanner which beeped and went red and no one cared or pulled me aside!

So I arrived through and waited for Mike who had been a good citizen and had taken his shoes off and put all his bags through etc... we then found our sheraton car that drove us through Entebbe to Kampala. Entebbe is beautiful. it is the other side of Lake Victoria and it is very green, like Mwanza there are many homes with vegetables being grown on the gardens and many people are selling their fruits and vegetables here. There are cows everywhere big cows and little cows and ones with huge horns and chickens in cages and chickens running around gardens and the odd goat bleeting. 😊 everyone seems very happy.

We then arrived in Kampala immediately you notice a change, it is definately a city, it looks similar to Dar Es Salaam, there are many shops and businesses here.

We are staying in the Sheraton Hotel, unfortunately the swimming pool in being refurbished otherwise it may have been a great relief after a stressful day of travelling, Instead I thought well its sunday tommorow what will I do? Mike said he was going for a massage so I went to speak to the tour guy.

Tommorow I will be following in Joanna Lumleys footsteps, I will be going in search of the source of the Nile (not the beer, the actual Nile) in a place called Jinja

That makes for an interesting Sunday 😊

have a lovely weekend all, this time next week I will be home catching up on my recorded TV hugging my PG tips


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