Day 31: A day for catchup

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December 6th 2018
Published: December 15th 2018
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Today was a day for future planning, getting a workout in and making sure I didn’t forget I still had a job. We made run into town and I introduced Shelby to a Rolex which are DELICIOUS! I think I could make a million dollars selling these at bar close if I could master the recipe and process but I think it looks easier than it is. It was a great day to be. The sun was shining and the hotel we were staying at had a beautiful garden area with gazebos which made for a fantastic work space. That night we spent a good chunk of our evening chatting with Francis (one of the few Ugandans I have encountered who not only understood our sarcasm but dished it out) and Silvia who had become our go to person for questions. She told us about how the man was in charge of paying the dollery and many people did not have a traditional marriage because of the high cost. She also talked about how the entire community was expected to contribute to the couples wedding expenses to cover the cost. Silvia was key in our enjoyment of Masindi. The best advice she gave us was here, if you don’t like what someone is saying you have to ignore it completely. To do anything otherwise or to try and laugh it off is to invite further conversation. We packed up our bags and ran through a hiking bag workout. If you are interested directions are:

Load up bag to 44 pounds then complete 3 sets of the following:

- 15 squats (bag attached to back)

- 18 straight legged deadlifts

- 10 side lunges each side

- 30 mountain climbers (no bag)

- 15 bench press (hold onto waist strap and top pouch)

- 15 bent over rows (same grip as above)

- 30 seconds of plank (no bag)



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